Hotkey-System, and why it is so awfull

I played this game a little and started using hotkeys. Imagine my surprise that they don’t work at all. To make hotkeys work, you need to click with the mouse on the small window on which the hotkey has a connection with the function, otherwise the hotkey will not be activated. So, to use the hotkey, you still need to use the mouse?!
I’m already 25 years old and I’ve never seen this in my life or in games. Let me explain using the example of the 1941 aircraft…yes very old example:

As you can see, in its cockpit there are about 70 buttons (hotkeys) to control various systems, which can be pressed regardless of the position of the joystick (mouse). This is an example from 1941, and the game is not even about the 21st century… Moreover, in all games like War Thunder or IL-2 or DX, these hotkeys work correctly.
I don’t understand how and why the developers force the captain of the ship in the future to sit in a chair and frantically twist the joystick to activate this or that function? Smart people have long invented buttons. I seriously don’t understand, is this a joke from the developers or what? This seems crazy to me.

P.S. I’m not even talking about modern ships or cars that use macros, where when you press one button, several systems are activated. For example, starting the engine of an ordinary car…


You’re doing something wrong, possibly clicking in a chat window or Bookmarks In Local System window that capture keyboard input.

I routinely navigate 10+ jumps using without touching the mouse, using Set Overview Focus bind, arrow keys, Dock/Jump/Activate Gate bind.

I use ctrl-mouse1 click or ctrl-mouse1 drag to lock targets but you don’t have to, you can use Set Overview Focus, arrow keys, Lock Target bind .

No mouse input is needed for me to activate modules with keybinds during combat unless a chat window is capturing input.

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I’ve heard of this problem before, its bug “ID” number “10” type T, if you send in a ticket to support they can take care of it for you

??? is that “small window” part of the UI, or a 3rd party mouse interface ? Do you mean the Overview ? Obviously a hotkey will never know which gate you had in mind, or which target, so a mouse click will always be necessary for those functions. Other hotkeys do not require mouse clicks at all.

many new players become confused using hot-keys , as they don’t understand how focus of the mouse cursor behaves .
this is needed for the game to differentiate , for example , using hot-keys to navigate , and typing in chat .
once aware , most players understand to pay attention to focus and have no problem using hot-keys , which are used by many players every day , and absolutely do work , despite cries from some players who don’t understand how they operate .

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Is there a setting that ignores hotkeys while the text input cursor is active? My drones are set to return to bay by via the “Home” key and I sometimes accidentally bring them back in when typing diatribes to my friends in game.

THe hotkey system is a bit quirkey. From my expirience if a chat window is active (vissibly non translucent) then hotkeys are deactived. To active hotkeys one needs to click into a place without objects (vissibly a skybox with interspatial nebula and stars).

Weaponturret/Do something module activation switch on/off hotkey (F1 - F8) are going to start doing stuff on a target if said target is choosen as primary/active/focus.
Same seems to be the case for the all drone “attack” hotkey.

The send out all drones and all drones return to bay hotkeys are quite comfortable in function however with command key for targeting “command+mouse click” the standart setting with “shift+f” and “shift+r” might be confusing for a beginner not talking about a hot combat situation.

A personal peeve are the approach and orbit keys, they need to be pushed and afterwards the what to approach or orbit has to be mouse clicked. A combat oriented approach or orbit active target might be an advancement comparabale to this little garment for horses called saddle. Well not that it does call for a CCPlz.

Definitely not the case if your drone commands are set to “End” “Home” or “Delete” while you are typing.

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