House Gallius - Decree of Manumission

On this revered day of celebration for the Faithful, House Gallius humbly contributes to the festivities with the issuing of a Decree of Manumission.

In my capacity as Head of House Gallius and Holder of the Gallius Estate upon Sarum Prime, I Lord Utari Onzo-Gallius have conducted a lengthy period of investigation into all of the eligible held families and bloodlines in our care, testing them on matters of Faith and Integration. Having concluded this endeavour in time for the Foundation Day celebrations, we are pleased to issue blessed writs of manumission to 84 family groups and 12 individuals not included in the former.

In addition, Lord Miguel Onzo-Gallius, as Holder of the Barony of Asham-Azor upon Sarum Prime and member of House Gallius also joins in this sacred ritual with Manumission granted to 54 family groups and 4 individuals from his personal Holding.

All peoples given manumission from this decree have been granted blessed baptism and communion as full members of the Rite in the Church of St Junip in the city of Asham-Azor, and are eligible to attend a feast provided at our family’s expense this coming weekend in celebration of their ascension to the wider Holy Congregation. All who wish to stay have been granted information on paid employment opportunities and local housing options, while those who wish to relocate to elsewhere in the Domain region and beyond have been issued grants to cover all reasonable travel and initial housing expenses.

We give praise and thanks to St Gheinok on this day, and pray for blessed fortune to all our brethren of the Rite.

By His Will and Light,
Amarr Victor - Amen

**Lord Utari Onzo-Gallius, The Lord Gallius **
Paladin Ordinary of the Sacred Throne Order

And the Lord spake, and said, Lo, my people,
Witness, for I have made the worlds of Heaven;
And these worlds I give to you, My Chosen,
So Amarr shall rule the worlds of the Heavens.

None shall stand higher than you save the Sefrim,
Who serve Me as others shall serve you,
For all things under Me serve one higher;
So Amarr shall rule the worlds of the Heavens.

As Garrulor rules the skies; as Frisceas rules the sea;
As Emperor rules Holder; as Holder rules Serf;
Yet all under Heaven serve Me;
So shall Amarr rule the worlds of the Heavens.
- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 3.19 - 3.21


How generous of the tyrant to grant fundamental rights. Let us all write poetry to celebrate, and prove out intellectual superiority to those we still enslave!

I am called a traitor for fighting with the Triglavians. As I was called a traitor for being born Khanid. As I was called a traitor for fighting with the Minmatar.

I diligently carry out the duty of every Amarrian: to cleanse my inherited sin with the death of a thousand tyrants.

A traitor, aye, and proud of it. When your estate rightfully burns and banners of liberation joyfully fly on the ash heap, I will raise a toast to all of your “holding”. And thanks to the Triglavians, that day will arrive sooner rather than later. All of New Eden rises to defend your degenerate way of life; it will not be enough.

No, to defend life, and oppose the death of stars and everything that depends on them.


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