How (and when) are asteroids/iceteroids generated? [resolved]

I’m kinda new and have little to no idea how it works.
Asking that for mining optimization purposes !

Also, don’t hit me for that pun please …

Ice belts occur as anomalies in specific systems. Use to find them in your region - systems where ice belts can spawn will have a blue circle.

Once you know where they can spawn use your anomaly scanner (same as probe scanner but you don’t need a probe launcher) to see if any exist.

Ice will spawn at downtime and then respawn 4 hours after the field is cleared.

Ore belts respawn at downtime. Dotlan will tell you how many there are in any given system. There are also ore anomalies with more valuable ore. These are random in empire space and controlled by system industry index in sovereign nullsec.

I knew how to get to them, but not how the game generated them.
Anyway, thanks !

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