Ice mining question

Noobish query-how can I mine ice? I’ve used a survey scanner but I never find any. I must be doing something wrong, but don’t know what it is.

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icebelts appear in your probe scanner. No need to scan them
just warp to it

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Click alt P, detach the scanning window from the map window, close map window. Make sure anomalies are enabled (you can do that top right), it’ll be one of the green ones. Right-click and warp.

P.S. it’s funny how the usual spam sperg posters projectile vomit several threads into oblivion but not one of them could be bothered to help someone, who’s probably new, with an easy to answer question.


Wyk Bathana just helped. But if youre expecting someone to be on stand-by 25/8 in the new citizens Q and A, thats what the Rookie chat channel is for.

I appreciate the help, regardless of who is giving it. thanks guys!


No problem! We always try to help out in Q and A!

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I didn’t even know that could be done. Scanning window looks undetacheable from map window. I just minimized…
Thanks for the Info!

Thank you, the map constantly being attached to my scan window was driving me nuts. Took up a quarter of the screen.

@Malakai_Darkstone chek out
Look for the systems with blue circle around them. Those have ice belts

These Ice belts are very popular, so they are mined away quite fast. After they are finished, they take 4 hours to reappear (or it used to take 4 hours, I think there is a more random interval now).

They might have ice belts. Now they spawn randomly between systems that can have ice instead of guaranteed spawns at DT and 4h after mined out.

Ice belts are easily found if you use the ingame agency window.

Ice belts show up in the probe scan window without scanning. They only spawn in certain systems and aren’t always present.

But the Agency can show you towards the nearest active ice belt.


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