How bumping could be changed

Oh, it’s this thread again.

Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd law and the conservation of momentum would render such a thing most amusing; not to mention profitable for some of us.

The maths and possible abuses were figured out long ago, and at least one group of “bad guys” has stated that such a change in mechanics would result in them creating a wall of burning freighters on the Jita undock with zero response from Concord.


I think this idea is wrongheaded. Bumping should not do damage to the ships. I think it would be more meaningful if bumping damaged clone implants. Just like a minor fender-bender car accident in real life can badly damage the human occupants, even if the car is effectively undamaged.

The impact forces involved with bumping would be enough to damage the capsuleer, even considering that they are suspended in goo.

Can’t you just hear it?
Aura: “capsuleer, your high grade crystal omega implant has been destroyed due to an impact with another vessel.”


I was bumped by a station once.


The future of thread titles

“The fleet involuntarily self-destructed on landing after a fleet warp due to the new bumping mechanic. CCPlease fix (and refund)”.

“Ammo market crashes as there is no need for it”.

“CCP reintroduces new POS shield mechanic to reduce the number of destroyed structures”.

“Bridging Titans lost due to heavy bumping during fleet extraction”.

“Miners throwing down the shovels after losing barges by colliding with asteroids”.

“Bumping in starter and career agent systems now considered Rookie Griefing”.

*drywashing hands, this is going to get guud.

On a less sarcastic note to OP: as long as there are no real flight controls when piloting, to make the paths accurate to the meter, it can’t be done.

“Jita 4-4 was destroyed when a shuttle tried to enter McDonalds.”


Our ships would explode while warping through a Star.

The only change I would make it that bumping has no effect on a ship entering warp, so a ship would still be able to align and warp in the same time frame, even if bumped

Bumping is one of the stupidest mechanics of this game.

How is bumping a stupid mechanic?

It’s realistic and requires skill (which generates skillful gameplay).

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Do you have any idea what would happen to a frigate sized ship that tried to “bump” a Titan class vessel in zero gravity?

You’re a hard core ganker (and there’s a legend you were born off the back of a turnip truck) - so call bumping fun, a great mechanic, anything but “realistic”.

Yes, it’s perfectly safe.

Actual IRL spaceships do it all the time when they are docking.

You can apply external kinetic force to change a vector of motion.

It’s even possible for airplanes to make contact in flight.

A skillful pilot can do it.


Okay, we’ll trade you: you can have this, but in return there would be no more cloak/MWD exploit. Deal?

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Wow, someone’s salty.

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Nobody likes MWD cloak hackers.

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If I were, then I’d write an “open letter” and have all the griefers +1 it with all their accounts that have no forum posting history.

You are, by calling it an exploit which it isn’t :slight_smile:

It is, it’s just one that has never been declared as such, and has thus become accepted as a “normal” part of gameplay over the years. There are other examples too, both that have been addressed and deemed exploits after many years of regular use, and some that have never been addressed.

We’ve talked about it before. Anything that doesn’t have a viable method of counter-play and wasn’t particularly designed as such (e.g. covert cloaking devices) is effectively an exploit.

It does: don’t all be in super tanky carebear killers but also bring an intie. Beyond that there are lots of situations that don’t have a viable counter play, none of those are exploits.

Also, CCP themselves declared it a valid mechanic when they put it back in the game when they inadvertently changed it while changing something else. From memory ECM worked for the full duration even if you cloaked up during it, they wanted to change that and by accident also made cloak/mwd impossible. After realizing this they changed it so that cloak/mwd worked again within a few days. Sounds to me like CCP declared it to NOT be an exploit.

Your “exploit” is no different from some carebaar going “hacks”.

Everybody knows MWD cloak is a griefer hack.

Even I know how to do that =)