How can I evict a user clouding the atmosphere of the chat window?

This is a new user who started playing since EVE Online’s Korean service began.
I have seen some unconceptual Korean users plastered on the beginner help channel some time ago.
I want to kick on the channel for all EVE players, not just block, but is there a way?
It is very inconvenient because there is no way to report it on the official website.
Attached is a photograph of evidence. OMAN HEO is a spamming user.

Of course you can’t do that…

All you can do is block the person yourself and remind others to do the same…then put a bounty on the spammer because we all know that works wonders :crazy_face:

Game Play Support > Rules & Policies > Chat Channel Spam

Give them, character name and some of messages that you think are not right (you can find log in your documents on your PC). GM will decide what to do.

Second button from F12 menu will also move you to “help center” where you can contact GM with any concerns about game.


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