How can I improve my security status?

Hello there friends,

I am currently trapped in a null-sec system. I can not leave that system because I belong to a faction, there is a war going on an if I jump the gate, the enemy kill me.
I have tried to go to the asteroids and kill NPCs but they are too strong for me.

Any suggestion? Thanks in avance.

Just change your home station so that you reappear in highsec when you lose your pod.


I’m not sure exactly how do you want this to be done . Do you want to leave nullsec in the process or increase it there ?

If you want to leave nullsec , then do what Xeux told you.
If you want to increase your security status there , it can be done via belt ratting and doing the easiest combat anomalies there , like ports iirc. For that you will need at least a cruiser , like a Vexor or Arbitrator fitted with an 100mn AB for speed tanking . You can ask more about this in your corp/alliance , someone will help you, they have these newbie friendly fits and guides on how to use them.
There’s also the Clone Soldier Tags that can help you , if you can afford them.

If you leave nullsec , you can increase it in highsec doing missions or just doing some belt ratting in some relatively empty lowsec systems using a t1 destroyer , just don’t pick 0.1 - 0.2 systems as the rats there are pretty strong for a new player destroyer.

It appears that your security status is currently -2.6 , so when in highsec be careful in 1.0 and 0.9 systems , as there the faction police can attack you . If you go below -5.0 you’ll become an outlaw, any player will be able to attack you in highsec without Concord responding + the faction police.

i don’t understand what OP means
pods are instawarp, so if you jump through the gate, except if there is a bubble camp, you can warp out without being killed by anything.
and also, where is your deatchclone? cannot you just self-destruct???