How can I invent BPC with 10/20?

I made a lot of copies. It may be 20,000. With different modifiers. And my scientist is also very good. But I do not understand how it is possible to obtain a material consumption of less than 10%. The maximum that I received is 5%. However, I see 9% and 10% on sale. I was told in the chat that this happens occasionally, like winning a lottery. I do not believe.

:red_circle: You should fix your terminology first. Research means the improvement of ME and TE values of T1 BPOs. It is very easy to get these BPO to ME/TE 10/20.

What you are talking about is Invention. Invention works differently. In order to improve the ME and TE value of an invented BPC, you have to use decryptors. There is no lottery involved in how high ME/TE can get anymore.
Depending on your decryptor, the values can differ. The highest possible ME value seems to be ME5 if you use a Process decryptor.
Then there are old BPC from before changes that have higher than possible TE/ME values as a bonus. While normal Deimos T2 BPC can have a maximum ME value of 5, I have several Deimos BPC with an ME value of 8. I invented these Deimos BPC long before the last round of industry related changes in this area.
And then there are copies from T2 BPO. These copies can be ME10/TE20 just like normal T1 BPC. T2 BPO are not seeded any longer and therefore they and the copies are some rare.

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Clear. Thanks for the clarifications.

Hi Alan, just to clear a bit your confusion.

to produce something u must have or blueprint original ( BPO ) or copies (BPC )

for T1 stuff u find bpo, while for T2 u have to make invention from t1 copies (note there are some bpo t2 but are really rare, pricy and u could get em only years ago from lottery)

starting from a BPO just bough u have me TE at 0. its’ taking time and some cost, but researcing em u can optimize BPO to ME 10 and TE 20 = less resource to craft a batch and less time for run.
then copies haves the same me/te of the bpo without using anything else.
on INVENTION side (the only way to get t2 copies to produce t2 stuff if u havent the t2 bpo) u can use skills and decryptors that modify the output
a clear explanation is here:

keep in mind that using of decriptors is optional and modify the T2 BPC parameters ( chance to be succesful[couse u can FAIL the invention ] numbers of run, me\te parameters.

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