How does this exist?


Yes i know what t2 bpos are. but according to wikipedia, the update introducing invention was Revelations I, nov 2006, while blops were introduced with Trinity Dec 2007. so there should be no Panther BPOs around. So how was one with ME8 generated? the highest you can get under current systems is 5, I know that for sure.

The baseline for invention BPCs used to be negative, and ME/TE used to scale very differently than it does today. When they redid ME/TE to scale to the new 10/20 ceiling system, existing BPs were updated and some of them wound up with what would normally be impossible values.

ME used to cumulatively halve the wastage value (typically 10%, some oddballs) for each point. So ME 1 basically cut your waste from 10% to 5%, ME 2 cut it to 2.5%, ME 3 cut it to 1.25%, etc., and this could go on indefinitely. People would research ME to hundreds of points even though it would save them like 2 additional tritanium.

So when they changed this to a 10/20 max, all BPs with ME 1 became ME 5, ME 2 became ME 7 or 8 (I forget how they rounded), and so on and so forth, to the max of ME 10.

Consequently, some old BPCs invented with decryptors acquired values that would be impossible to invent today.

That’s all vague recollection, but I certainly wound up with plenty of my own invented BPCs at impossible values.

TL;DR: They’re old legacy items from a mechanical changeover, but you can’t create them today.


Interesting. when was the change? Just wondering how old/rare these items are.

EDIT: i joined long after such a change, pretty certain of that. got this of some random guy in brave. guess he must have had them lying around for a while

That change was over 5 years ago. They’re quite old, for sure.

Also back in the dark ages, there were a limited number of slots so you had to queue your research and production jobs - a lot easier now!

yeah. I’ve heard about the slot system. I also knew ME/TE was weird “back in the day” but didn’t know the specifics.

specifically, something about me only affecting part of a blueprint material input. and nonsense like that. on the one hand i guess its nice its simpler now but on the other hand I like complexity because it gives me the excuse to make spreadsheets

Yeah, there were certain inputs that could be slotted under a category called “Extra Materials”. These were “immune” to ME.

If I recall correctly, those items also couldn’t be recovered via reprocessing, which was the true point of that item category.

There had been some instances where clever folk profited greatly from other game changes, most notably the introduction of PI items, and their use as inputs in POS modules.

When PI items were initially added and became inputs to producing POS modules, people bought up a ton of them before the change hit, then reprocessed them on patch day to instantly receive a ton of P4 material.

I’m digging back in the ole memory box pretty far on this one, but I believe prior to then that POS mods were still NPC-sold, and were substantially cheaper than they were once they required player labor to create.

The PI components of POS modules were later changed to “extra materials” so they couldn’t be reprocessed out.

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sounds like fun stuff. Honestly old eve industry sounds so much more interesting than new eve industry but hey I cant time travel. Also in 2010 when PI was released (tyrannis) I was literally 9 years old

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