How can I see my EDENCOM Standing

This is not “how do I increase my EDENCOM/Trig standing”, this is “where can I see it?”. I have tried looking in the Character → Interactions → Standings tab but can not find EDENCOM nor Trig in there. Where do I see my current EDENCOM/Trig standing?

You can see it there, it should be in game.

Or if you had zero interaction with either one you may not see it.

This. Once you have done one standing interaction it will be shown where all the other NPC standings are shown.

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For EDENCOM it’s completely fine to not have any standing at all as they just don’t like you being negative. Triglavians however attack you UNLESS you’re positive, for them you need positive standing even if it shows as 0.00 so a single Rogue drone kill in Pochven will do it.

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And that will in turn actually also give you positive standings with EDENCOM as well

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Search for EDENCOM or Triglavian Collective using the search bar at the top left, then show info (the i icon), use the Standings tab. This will show your standings even if you’ve not directly encountered them yet.


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