How can I stop getting ganked EVERY SINGLE TIME

I am a salvager by trade, and run a small operation where I salvage ships that have been damaged in combat. Unfortunately, I keep having this problem where everytime, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, that I am salvaging a ship, these damn jerks show up and gank me. Just like that! They warp in and make my ship explode. I try to warp off, but they use a warp disruptor, so its impossible. It is just so frustrating because, as you may imagine, it is hard to make an honest living with this kind of constant harassment. Can someone please help me understand how I can beat these guys?


I would suggest a liberal use of dscan. If I’m sitting in a plex and see a Navy Slicer pop up on dscan 5AU out, I warp off with plenty of time to spare. Unless I’m feeling adventurous, then I stick around and die in a blaze of glory.


If you’re doing an HS recommendation getting an orca yes but not really uses salvaging barge but they have a hell of a lot of tank by the time they get halfway through your Shields Concord is already blowing the crap out of whatever bring in

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As was previously mentioned, use the Directional Scanner to spot combat probes and player ships that are within D-scan range = 14 AU. Also make and use Safe Spots. And to be even safer, have a cloak module fit. Last but not least, make sure your Overview is set up properly.

You can Google search for info tutorials on those topics. After learning about and how to use them, I suggest you fit a cloak module on your ship and bookmark Safe Spots first, then use D-scan set up with your overview to spot potential threats. If some show up, warp to a Safe Spot and cloak up.

Just remember ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ and ‘Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance’.


As a member of the CODE alliance I presume this is a troll!


Have you tried buying a mining permit and obeying the Code?

Example. I spotted an abandoned retriever near an old tritanium mine. I thought, “Great, more salvage!” So I set to work with my neutron disassemblers, processing the rusty hulk for valuable parts, when out of NOWHERE I get ganked up on. I tried to warp out, but my engines were disabled. I even tried fitting warpcore optimizers to my Catalyst, but that doesn’t work either. Also, they jam all my weapons so I can’t even shoot. It just seems really rigged, like how am I supposed to fight against gankers who abuse the mechanics like this?


I too had a friend stop playing eve because some dude named concord kept blowing him up every time he tried to engage in honourable space combat. A couple swings around the belts and a few teachings on how to do more dps than concord could hope to prevent in a short period of time and he is back in the pod seat waving his fist as concord shows up seconds after his enemies demise.

TL:DR Fit more dps.


How will dscan save a code member that ganks in highsec from Concord?

Bastard Concord pilots!!!

Sounds like you to train up jamming skills all the way up you might want to train them a little more and if you’re not in high take drones with you and kill people you got to fight back especially in a 0.4 because them boys don’t give a crap they will blow you out of the water because most of the time code use frigate class and when you try to gang up on them using two or three Pilots they bitch out because they’re a bunch of pussies

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Troll thread. :slight_smile:
And you noobs all fell for it. :slight_smile:


You need to buy several pairs of balls as you are missing them, and go in nullsec.
That is literally how the game is designed.

Aren’t they the one getting ganked? Though I’m beginning to think I’m being trolled.

He is getting ganked by concord for suicide ganking miners. That’s the joke…

Yeah I get it now. That’ll teach me for not spending any time in hisec.

It’s not abuse, it’s being smart.

People keep falling for it. I would want to say that it speaks for you and your capabilities of fooling people, but in actuality (and not meant against you) it just reveals how low the standards are around here.

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yeah, so low that even if “trolling” is forbidden in the forum you are still able to post here.

Come on, it was a joke.

I mean, the person posted on their CODE character. Loosen up a bit.