How can I stop getting ganked EVERY SINGLE TIME

(Anderson Geten) #21

Saying that people are idiots because they assume good faith of people (which is what the post I replied to was saying) is the troll.

(Maekchu) #22

Oh, thought you meant the OP. Sorry, nvm then.

(Solecist Project) #23

No. It’s not. That’s just you again - as usual - exposing your lack of understanding of people. People who reply in good faith did not actually spend the time necessary to think about what they’ve read. Instead their brain’s just went into auto-mode and replied to what they’ve perceived as the usual post written by the usual person whining.

Would you say the same about people who throw money at an isk-doubler? People assume good faith, send him money and get nothing back. Then someone calls out their dumb behaviour. Then you jump in calling the one who tells them that they acted dumb a troll.

Yeah, that’s you. I’m sorry I’m not capable of lowering myself to your barely existing standards. :slight_smile:

(Aiko Danuja) #24

Yes, that’s one of the big problems with internet culture and the forum as a means of discussion. It’s not just EVE - forums in general are populated by ‘helpful’ people who don’t even read what you’ve written, or think about it, but just spout off some quick copy and paste cookie cutter answer. It’s really not helpful at all when someone is actually looking for assistance.

I wouldn’t say this was a ‘troll’ post - I consider it more satire, as is the case with CODE. - satire being something seemingly absurd, but with a serious point. Indeed, how exactly am I supposed to fight CONCORD? Am I correct (and I am), that CONCORD is an over-powered invincible AI bot? Quite frankly, it should be removed from the game. It’s sad that a huge chunk of EVE, encompassing the game’s largest economy (Jita-Amarr) is protected by CONCORD. That entire region should be fully open to PVP, and this would immensely improve the game.

(Anderson Geten) #25

It already his.

  1. shooting people is not the only form of pvp
  2. even if it was, it is still possible to shoot people

It is not a problem, it is a fact : forum do not convey the tone.

So people, instead of asking themselves if they interpreted the tone correctly (which they can’t answer because even if the other people told them, they should also assume their tone was not sarcastic - ie recursive absurd).
And if someone is not genuinely thinking what he wrote, then it’s his fault for not conveying the tone explicitly - likely he won’t care about, because if you can’t understand their tone then you don’t deserve him to make an effort. Of course that means he is an absurd elitist, but he does not care as he thinks too highly of himself being above rules, social norms, and even the social aspect of a MMO.

Thinking that however is a complete waste of time, because those people (who affirm to be better than other based on “not perceiving tone” on a toneless forum) are hypocrites and thus create their own personage, not for the sake of RP in a mmo but for the sake of hiding their true self, which they despise, to themselves.

TLDR : if people did not convey the tone correctly and were not genuinely thinking what they wrote, they are bad and they should feel bad. Not really a matter, just a fact.

(Aiko Danuja) #26

I mean, how obtuse can you be? It is blatantly obvious that when I say “fully open to PvP” I mean that there should be no restrictions whatsoever, as in no gate guns, no CONCORD, no faction police, and warp bubbles, titans, and bombs should be permitted. The only difference between high sec and null sec should be the value of minerals. High sec should not be a safety pen where carebears can afk mine and afk haul hundreds of billions of isk back and forth between Jita and Amarr.

The game would be vastly improved if people actually had to defend their trade routes, instead of using the crutch of a handholding automated AI defense.

As for your comments regarding tone, I think you might be the reason why they have a “reading comprehension” section on standardized tests.

(Anderson Geten) #27

No it is not.
For many people, being able to warp to the mission’s pocket means the game is already fully open to pvp. Being able to compete on the market is already “fully open to pvp”.
The only restrictions in HS are for bombs, cynos, bubbles.
And the stations of course, but they are not limited to HS.

Fixed .

And you are the reason why IQ test go down to 0.

(Aiko Danuja) #28

Eyeroll. See you around miner.