How come doing SOE epic arcs decreases my ISK

every time I finish a SOE epic arc, I loose about 90000-15000 ISK, when I check my expenses in wallet, it just says: agents and missions

and in the past 30 days I lost a total of 0.97M ISK to it. why???

You’re in a starter corporation, which takes a default 11% tax out of all mission rewards and time bonuses over 100,000 ISK.

The tax is an incentive to join a player-run corporation which usually have a more reasonable tax rate (5% or less). Another common tactic is to join or create a tax-shelter corporation with 0% tax, but its only worth it if your sole objective is mission-running.

There are a ton of corps out there with tax rates of 0, at least if you want to stay in hi sec and run missions

I am quite new, so I guess I will do that.

As said, with any income from missions (rewards, bonus rewards and bounties) above 100.000 ISK you pay taxes to the corp you’re in.

For NPC this is 11%, for player corps it depends on the corp but in general it is around the 0 - 5% range.

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