How dangerous to fly?

Hey all!

Im considering a new Battleship for PvE, mostly Mission running.
Since I have an unstable Internet connection and get discos from time to time I dont want a Marrauder, the BastionModule would get me killed…

Now my question:
Im considering buying a Marshal or a Barghest.
(I know these are both PvP ships, but Im not aiming for max efficiency, Im aiming for fun. And I just like these two hulls.)

Now everyone tells me its suicide to fly a Marshal. Because everyone whants to gank it in High.

What do you think about that? I mean, many Marauders are as expensive with the bling-fits they fly…

Id be verry happy to get some serious assessments.

Thank you all!

Honestly, fix your Internet connection. Not worth playing any online game when your connection sucks.

We also have a forum section on PvE and Ships called… PvE Ships & Modules. It’s the best place to ask such questions.

But, yeah, get your connection fixed. And if it really cannot get fixed then look into mining and hauling, or anything else that doesn’t involve much fighting.

why would you die in a marauder ?
never got disconnected in one, but they are VERY tanky, especially in bastion

Thank you for your answers!

Sadly I cannot get a bether connection. The discos do happen only once a week or so, nit that often.
But when in Bastion the ship wil stay where it is and get shot by the rats. Without any rep pulses it pops after a while. Wihtout Bastion zhe Ship just warps out when you have a Disco.

Thx for the advise Whitehound!

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You’ll be ubber gank bait in a Marshal 100%. As for Barghest I don’t see what it can bring to solo PvE over a marauder or any of the otehr better suited PvE ships.

Since you mentioned Barghest I will assume you have good missile skills.

Get a Navy Scorpion, it has 8 mids, go double prop MJD + MWD, double Adaptive invuln (T2 will do) , 1 cap efficient large shield booster, 1 Em resist amplifier, 1 shield extender and 1 missile guidance computer. All T2.

lows just go 3x faction damage mods, 1 DCU, 1 missile enhancer.

Rigs go 1x Rigor, and either cap rigs or shield of whatever flavor suits you.

Weapons, cruise missiles. Ammo primarily T2 ammo about half high DPS and half precision but do carry some auto targeting for when you get dampened so you can thin out the dampening rats and go back to normal ammo.

You’ll end up with around 130-140k EHP (if you bling you can get around 150k) pending skills and implants and apply a comfortable 950ish DPS @ 130+ km. Reload time is 10 seconds so perfectly usable mid combat. You can switch to the precision ammo and kill even the fast moving elite frigs at point blank with about 2-3 volleys each. In addition you’ll have some drones and enough cargo space for an MTU.

the whole set-up is like 1.2-1.3 bil, maybe even less depending how the market is doing, check it out, so its a lot cheaper then marauder, you never get rooted and have enough EHP to very comfortably survive disconnects and get warped back into your spot when you log back on into the game. Its omni tank, no redocking and refitting required for different rats, maybe just dock up from time to time to switch ammo cause cruise missles do take up space or no need to even do that if you don’t MTU and don’t loot just carry the ammo with you.

Barghest has too few mids, so no double prop for it or you’ll be missing too much tank. I can’t live without double prop on battleships now. Only time I ever do that is if I have to for doctrine.

Do you know why they happen?

If you’re on a WiFi connection can you try to reduce the package size. Some adaptors allow you to set the size of packages in their driver and when there are network issues then reducing the size allows for a finer error handling and faster error recovery.

Also WiFi-related are mobile phones. If you share a WiFi connection with a mobile phone then check that you have some anti-virus software installed on your phone or you’ll find your mobile phone spamming the network with traffic (i.e. DDoS attacks) at some point.

If you’re using Windows then check that you have update sharing disabled, or else will Windows try to forward updates to the whole world using your Internet connection. See here for how to disable it.

Needless to say, if you have any download or torrent managers running while you play then you should turn them off. And have a look through all that’s running in the background and check if you have any software which might download updates or access the Internet for other reasons. These stealthy features can add up and block the connection for a few minutes when these aren’t controlled.

wifi are a known reason for disconnections.
Also power-line.
And routers prioritization features too.
Also dynamic IP on your LAN.
another issue can be bad ISP line, eg too many electric devices close to the line (fiber does not have this issue). Sometimes calling your ISP and telling them may adress the issue (happened to me some … 10years? ago)

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Get a rattlesnake fit it with passive regen tank and go.Even if you DC while tackled by rats if your drones are out and on auto agro they’ll either kill enough dps or kill the tackle rats or rats will go on the drones and you warp to safety from DC


It is the product of poor spelling and ignorance, the actual word is uber.

Bastion marauder can be cap stable perma tank so when you DC it will sit there and keep repping till you’re back. For bad connection always go for cap stable fits.

I was always fond of the Golem for it’s omni damage and ridiculous range. I’d say the Vargur is also a great choice for the same reasons. Kronos and Paladin are kind of gimped because they’re locked to certain damage types but they’re very strong vs their natural enemies.

Don’t listen to any of these people, if you want to do mission running in highsec get a machariel. They’re fast so you don’t have to spend all of your time warping, and they have decent dps and tank

EvE is not for you.

meh L2shorthand.

Adding letters to words isn’t shorthand.

As numerous people have said before, WIFI is generally the main culprit. Especially in crowded urban areas (especially an apartment building) 100s of people using the same frequency band is asking for trouble. So buy a $5 ethernet cable!

If that doesn’t solve your problems… well… there are good and expensive ISPs and there are bad and cheap ISPs. In my experience the main difference is in the customer service.
If you have a bad ISP and your internet works fine, great! If you have a bad ISP and your internet sucks you’re screwed. If you have a good ISP and your internet sucks, they’ll fix it. (and if you have a good ISP and your internet works, great!.. but you might be paying a bit too much… until the internet hits a snag and you realise what you’ve been paying for!)

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