Looking for some help with Marshal and optimal ranges

Greetings, Comet here
Just bought a Marshal after playing for a little, still a bit new to EVE online and still getting used to things. I need some help for fitting the ship, so to all Marshal owners or battleship owners, what is the best turret type for destroying pirate frigates, but at the same time allowing to destroy bigger class ships? I tried to fit heavy pulse lasers (large) but didn’t seem to land a hit in the falloff range and in the optimal range. If someone can help me with both topics that would be great, since I still need to under stand accuracy falloff, falloff, and optimal range.



Target painters, webs and light drones are good for killing frigates as a battleship, as their turrets dont really apply well to any frigates.

Here is the damage formula you were propably looking for: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics#Hit_chance
Its a long read, but you really have to understand its content if you want to be good in this game.

I would also advise you to stay away from the marshal before you have tried and failed with a cheaper T1 battleship. As a newer player you are bound to make mistakes (everyones been there) and its all good, as some things are best learned the hard way. But the price of an marahal is a quite high stake to pay for something that could be one tenth of of its price.

Then again, the number one rule of eve is “dont fly what you cant afford to lose”, so if you can aford to lose the marshal then go for it.

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Black Ops aren’t PvE ships. They’re hit-and-run PvP boats and fairly skill-intensive (both in SP and actual player skills). Definitely nothing for new players.

You better sell it again and buy a ship that’s more suited for what you want to do.

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Marking this thread for the inevitable follow-up thread about his loss
and his blaming of everyone else but himself.

… Just in case. :smiley:

OP, you shouldn’t do this.
You don’t know the game.

Good luck anyway.


The very best guns for a Marshal ship (and really most others…) are called ‘Entropic Disintegrator’ (under ‘precursor weapons’ in the market). Worth every isk.

Not only are they quite powerful, but they actually have an optimal range that goes all the way to it’s maximum range. Yes, they are not the longest-range guns in the game, but their incredibly-high tracking ability, awesome optimal, amazing damage application profile, and other superb attributes outweigh that by far.

Entropic Disintegrators are great against small ships up to any size ship because they are a continuous beam weapon that builds up and does more damage per cycle to the target the longer the beam is on the target! Entropic Disintegrators already have an impressive tracking ability, but if you put a targeting computer on your ship with a targeting speed script in it, most things you shoot it at won’t be able to escape it’s burning, high -damage beam! :smiley:

Entropic Disintegrators are also good for pvp, but thankfully not that common. Maybe because even though you greatly increase your chances of winning a fight if you have them as your guns, you probably want to put them on a really good ship, not sure though.

Sometimes mean players will try to blow up your ship just to be jerks when you are just minding your own business fighting the NPC pirates :frowning: but if you shoot Entropic Disintegrators at them they will run away in fear! (Serves them right!)

The regular Entropic Disintegrators are really good…but I’ll let you in to a secret not many players know yet:
Due to recent (awesome) rules change, the faction (Veles Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator) and Officer (Zorya) versions now count as being Tech Level II (T2) guns and can use T2 special ammunition! That is a huge buff and saves a lot of training time! (before one would have to train Entropic Disintegrators all the way up to skill level V even to be able to use T2 types)

So go right now and buy Entropic Disintegrators! Jita is probably the best market to find them available (they’re not terribly common yet)



I feel like this is a fake. Or else CCP needs to ■■■■■■■ admit the folly that is PLEX and Skill Injectors. When a brand new, brainless rookie, can afford to Inject their way into flying a Marshal. And PLEX their way into affording one too.

hey @Comet_Askiras

you want to tell use you are a 2019/06/19 character and you bought a Marshal? you bought skill injectors to fly a Marshal? you bought skill injectors to fit a Marshal?

first of all … if this is your only character and you dont have any more experiance then you should not undock in that ship … if you use it for PVE in high sec space you will get ganked anyways … if you go to low sec with it then they will drop capital ships on you for a nice killmail

you should learn EVE from the basic and join a player corp and LEARN … you need tho learn a lot … trust me with that …

go sell that ship … join a player corp … if you dont know how to find a player corp to join write me ingame … i will help you with that … dont wast so much real money for EVE … do it like all the others have done it befor you … slow and with a lot of waiting … use what you get and lose what you have


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No, if you use it in a stupid place, and havent read up or experienced ganks before, you may be ganked.

Information is ammunition, and knowing is half the battle.

Ships a pile of crap though.

Get a nice Apocalypse instead.

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Be sure to link the killmail! :smiling_imp:

Large ACs are decent at blapping small rats on their approach course to you…

Cant stop laughing,… ur a genius dude

I guess thanks for the help, will check precursor turrets, I wasn’t so sure about them as I’ve not seen a single person with them. I have some other ships to, and I’ll check it

I can send a screen shot, but you’ll have to believe me. I joined the community a day ago and joined the game about a week and a half ago. I bought either two skill injector or more (I don’t keep a running record) to speed the process up, but I was addicted to the game and played it basically everyday. Thanks for the help though, starting to change to missile ships more than turrets, Caldari is the ships I’m looking at right now. Any good missile ship suggestions?
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