Need a Marshal fit

With the Black Out my corp reactivated and we moved out of WH I sold the near 30b in assets I had and have enough for a marshal.

now we want to do a themed CONCORD drop and this Marshal will probably never see grid but as a rule I always like my blops to be combat capable regardless.

Bridge , Rapid heavys , cloak

3x prop. Cap booster , web , scram , point

Ballistics , damage control , eamms plates


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well… you know how to suck all the fun out of this…

I’m going to go take my 50km point and play with myself : P

An utterly pointless ship for all intents and purposes. You won’t have enough dps to kill basic t1 paper fits, and you won’t have enough EHP to justify the cost or the KM you’re about to generate 2 cynabals and a jag.

You like big scram range, big dps and big EHP at an affordable rate? Bargherst. Not utilizing the 50% tanking bonus as the above poster recommends adds even more pointlessness to piloting it.

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read again. the main point is just about the Theme of dropping a full “police” group and yeah I never intend this ship to hit grid. also the 50% tank bonus has been stated by CCP several times to be a flavor bonus on all of the CONCORD hulls and one they intentionally made so weak that they didn’t expect many players to take advantage of it.

Also not sure if you know this but the Barghest lacks the webs and the well “suddenly Barghest” effect the Marshel has. hell even when we are just talking points the marshal outclases it. before heat and links the marshal gets 8km more range on its point unless the barghest is making some seriouse fitting sacrifices.

I’m not sure where you hate is coming from. It has the best fitting and strongest tank out of all the 5 blops its secondary stats like agi and sensors are either the best or just barely in second. aside from a few niche fits anything one blops can do the Marshal can do and normaly better. It just cost 250% more to do it.

Don’t forget the upmost important: A cool looking SKIN. :wink:



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Look at the killboard how not to fit it :crazy_face:

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High, t2 slouch/stetson hat, faction neckerchief
Mids , shirt of choice, t2 law enforcement badge, Gun holster with 1x pair of colts and 1 t2 Winchester, add ammo of choice
Low, pair of sturdy boots, original levis and long johns , try to get a pair of long johns with a flap.
Rigs t2 shoes for your horse. saddle and reins.

that should do it.


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