Marshal way to op

If the stats on SiSi are anyplace near what the final is going to be this ship is far to strong.

if it was only going to be th 1k given out at fan fest these would be fine but since you will be able to earn them with project discovery its simply too strong.

the bonuses are fin its the base stats that are the problem

scan res and strength are simply far too high the number of weapon hard points and highs is far to high and 7 mids and lows make this thing far to tanky for a blops.

with a very basic T2 fit you get well over 1k DPS w/o heat and over 80kehp. this are good numbers if the thing didn’t have a jump drive…

You do need to keep in mind this is a black ops, compared to other blops it seems to have reasonable stats, and with the price tags this thing will have you won’t be seeing it fly around too much unless CCP gives BPCs somehow in the future to produce them like the SOE ships, the ship has versatility just like any other CONCORD ship, it does not have any particular weakness nor does it has any particular strength. You also need to take into account that it is slower than any other blop, just like the other CONCORD ships that are slower than the ships in their respective category, and that the High slots is up to the player to customise, you either go full on damage or sacrifice some for utility. It also has No Drone Bay compared to the other Blops


not even close blops are the main ships I fly and this thing blows them all out of the water if the other.

project discovery gives them. like I said if they were only the 1k from eve vagas there would be no issue

it has the highest scan res/strength the highest DPS and the second highest tank of any blops(paper) but the best fit tank for a blops fleet.

this thing gets the normal faction + heat levels of DPS you would see out of the other blops (little over 1k) out of a T2 fit w/o heat. then it gets near carrier DPS with faction damage mods (1.5k with heat)

just looking at the widow its 4m/s faster not that this matters with 100% range webs and in a blops fleet

this is the only thing you were correct about…

How are you even fitting that thing?

all T2 for the tank and 1.1kdps

faction damage mods and T2 for the tank with the 1.5kdps

the rest of the numbers I gave are the base stats.

please not the DPS is not even as high as it could be do to me not having lvl5 gal BS or large hybrids. so I was only using caldari and minm weapons.

with the other CONCORD ships they were not particularly OP nor did they replace anything in a blops gang. there is no recon or bomber I would swap out because either of them are strictly better than the current line up. with this it is better in every single role a blops BB plays except for one from the sin and one from the widow.


oh the thing also has the smallest sig of any blops

and has 2km less lock range than the widow (currently the highest lock range)

and just stupid levels of CPU and PG all other blops fitting is tight this thing i’m not even close to filling either. it having the best both CPU and PG of any blops

Are you sure it’s going to be that much of a problem?

You have to consider that the amount of ships given out, directly or via BPCs, is going to be tiny compared to the amount of people playing. If it turned into a problem, CCP would nerf them eventually anyway.

please remember they will be earn-able not only given out… did you even read the op

Something being earnable doesn’t mean that a huge amount of people will be able to earn it.

So i ask again:

considering many of us have already figured out how to game the discovery to very quickly earn points yes.

not to mention yesterday fozzi said he was hoping the BB would follow the frig and cruiser in not being particularly powerful the current stats do not meet his goal

Not sure i understand. He’s not happy, because he feels it’s too OP? If so, are you saying that your bitching about it was even more useless and kneejerky than i thought?


I did manage to sneak in a question about it when CCP Rise was roaming about the Marshal stats, he said that it won’t be OP as to overshadow the others but one of the ways they can trully find out is to see how players interact with it and that in the future they would have to see it, should be on the video when CCP Guard reads it out to Rise

1:10 in the video. “Balanced to coexist, to be lots of them and not cause problem, not meant to be overpowered, and we are meant to see what happens when players get their hands on them”

You mean, bitching about it is silly, because CCP will fix it when they believe it’s way out of whack?



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… im not bitching about anything i’m pointing out that a ship not meant to overshadow the other ships in its class is better in almost every way than the other ships in its class

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Well… you’re right. I shouldn’t have called it bitching. Sorry about that. There’s others who really deserve it, and you’re not one of them.

So what you think people are gonna gatecamp in these?

A T2 Sin gets 1300 DPS with 80k shield EHP + 2 more midslots for prop mode/tackle.

Good scan res plus jump capability, why is that an OP combo?

For what kind of things you think people use BLOPS and what reason do they have to always use the Marshall now? For solo blops Sin will always be the king because neuts. If you wanna kite and be agile with blops you go Panther. If you want jams you go Widow. If you want a high EHP blops fleet with logi you go Redeemer and armor Panther. If you want bridging blops you go armor ships because more cargo. Marshall doesn’t overshadow any other ship in any of these roles. I can imagine it undertaking some really niche roles due to dual point/web bonus, but that’s it. For example, I imagine it’s gonna be the best ship to solo drop on a 100mn cruiser to tackle it and web it down fast before it gets out of the scram range of your HK ship. That sound OK for its price.

Write the following sentence 7000 times on your wall:

The Sin is neither a shield boat, nor a Curse

Yeah see i never understood why people think it’s the nuets that make the sin good for solo blops. You can put those on the tackle. The sin is good because it applies to targets of any size.

Though at the same time seeing all the people posting about blops recently has made be believe most either never actually use them or only occasionally use them.

Like the guy claiming how he gets 1.3 out of his sin. You know that’s a paper fit because he’s not applying any of that to targets smaller than a carrier. The Marshall gets that with an application fit RHML not a max dps fit

Or the widow thread where they all fit it like a fat falcon

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I get something like 1100 dps with an ion blaster Marshal and one heavy neut (was an x-type, so the neutron blasters didn’t have enough grid left, but you can fit them for 1200 dps or whatever weapon you like best).

Yep they have the same damage bonuses as the other blops but far better base stats and slots.

Only thing it doesn’t do far better than the others is
It can’t drone like a sin
And can’t burst jam like a widow if you want to do anything else Marshall is best choice. And that’s exactly what fozzi said he didn’t want the ship to be

As if a blops with 30+km webs wasn’t strong enough