Panther velocity bonus?

anyone found any usefulness to the panther velocity bonus? seems a bit out of place on a ship that’s designed to just drop, blap, warp/mjd and cloak.

The addition speed while cloaked makes it definitely harder to unclock you, if used well.

It’s a BLOPS bonus, not a Panther bonus.

My guess is that it’s intended as something to let Black Ops ships warp cloaked without actually warping cloaked. In any case, they rarely drop and blap anything, their primary use is to bridge covert stuff.

Though they may be getting resist buffs and a fuel capacity increase, apparently.

nah guys, I’m talking about this
Black Ops bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to ship max velocity < this one
125% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices < not this one

sin get’s inertia modifier bonus (warp off faster), redeemer gets tracking (wreck ■■■■ harder), widow gets ECM and panther get’s ?velocity?.. kiting black ops, ok…

ok you’ve got a point lol

I need to look at this on Singularity and see if there can be a use-case for this.

report back with your findings

That was the idea. I’ll try to take a closer look by tomorrow and report back here.

Reporting back with news from the Singularity server. But first a disclaimer.

Meta-gaming is not really my strong suit, so keep that in mind. What I can give you is an opinion and maybe I can spark some new ideas but I can only give my opinion which comes with my own biases and limitations.

Unless there will be a new kiting meta for panther fleets, the only benefit for the speed bonus I can see thus far is that after jumping the cyno, you can get to your unlucky fella the quickest and apply secondary tackle.

I made an arty fit with 1400mm howitzers and a mwd but kiting in a 2-5 billion isk boat does not come to mind and is far obove of what I would be willing to field on tranquility for a roaming and jump drive assisted Black Ops fleet.
The way I see it, it would be best to gtfo as soon as your unlucky fella explodes and not stay around in a 2-5 billion isk boat to kite @1300-1400m/s and wait for trouble you are not equipped to handle for.

I would rather have the panther have a fitting bonus for arties instead but that’s just my personal preference.


Blops may not be able to warp cloaked, but they can move pretty quick while cloaked.

Another 25% movement speed on top of that could be nice to avoid getting decloaked or to reposition yourself.

For a comparison: lvl 5 Sin moves 146m/s, or 229m/s with T2 cloak. Panther moves 228m/s, or 356m/s with T2 cloak. If you ever find yourself slowboating while cloaked, that’s a significant difference.


pretty much what you guys said seems to sum it up
with the buffs coming to blops bs, I look forward to givig the panther a go, 18d to minnie bs 5

I am pretty sure the panther is the fastest cloaked ship in the game. It might not be a very prestigious role, but I’m sure that (fast) slowboating around under cloak has a few uses.

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Prospect (520m/s) and Endurance (525m/s), as well as some of the other CovOps frigates I suppose are faster though, if you want to burn tacs unnoticed.

Somebody told me they had some expensive panther build that could go faster. It must have something to do with the six lowslots - because you are correct that the prospect seems to be the faster ship. The endurance cannot fit a covops cloak.

Ah yes, with the extra low slots it may work.

Endurance may not have a CovOps cloak, it has 0 speed penalty for using a regular cloak, so it’s going 525m/s with T1 cloak. A bit similar to the Blops ships, that way. It can align and warp immediately after uncloaking.

I did not know that. You learn something new every day!

The only expensive item on that fit would be the ship. If you fit some auxiliary thrusters, overdrives and a nano you go even faster when you are cloaked.

A bling cloak would also help a lot though.

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