How do EC-Rigs calculate?

So when I have a Raitaru (‘1% reduction in material requirements for manufacturing jobs’)
with the right Material Efficiency Rig ('-2% material reduction bonus)
then what is the resulting bonus ?

3% or 1.02% ?

1% saving means a 0.99 consumption factor being applied.
2% saving means a 0.98 factor being applied.
The more common 10% saving BPO saving means a 0.9 factor being applied.

The savings are not stacking penalized

If a station has a hull 0.99 consumption factor, and a 0.98 consumption factor rig, it has a total 0.99 * 0.98 = 0.9702 consumption factor.
Add the BPO consumption bonus and you have 0.99 * 0.98 * 0.9 = 0.87318 consumption factor

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