How do get the tutorial for putting armor repair in window slot done

So I started eve today and it’s been pretty fun. The bad part is that I’m on the tutorial in the dock and when I try to out the small armor repair given to me into my window it does nothing and it tells me to inject the skill book but I have to buy it and I don’t see any other option on how to get it. How do I do that?

In-game, go to the Social menu in the Neocom (upper left corner) and at the top of the submenu you should see Chat Channels (with little speech bubbles icon). Select that, then, in the small textbox in the window that opens, type Rookie Help and then click Join. The players in there should be able to walk you through this kind of thing and have tools to show you where to find what you need in the UI.

To buy the skill book, you can just right click the Armor Repairer, go into the Requirements tab and right click the missing skill(s) highlighted with a blue skillbook icon. In the right click menu, select View Market Details and then buy the skill from the market. That’s the easiest and cheapest way to do it. You could also look up the missing skill(s) from the Requirements tab in your Skill Catalogue and buy them from there but that’s more costly.


I only have 15,000 credits and I need like 55,000 to get it

Join that channel like suggested above, you may be showered with isk from the folks that want to help. Just don’t act like a beggar, then you’ll get told to go pound sand.

Check this simple guide, the rookie channel is often spammed and trolled.
Armor Tanking 101 - EVE University Wiki

yea don’t ask for isk at all in rookie help, it is against the chat rules.

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