How do I change clans?

Right now I’m in the Gallante Federation, but I would like to be with Caldari and have my main base there. How do I change clan and join the Caldari?

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You mean faction warfare?

Do you even have the standings required anymore as being in the gallente FW corp will have lowered your standings, you would just leave your given corp and apply to the new one, again assuming you meet the standing requirements

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Quick and wrong answer : you don’t. Gallente one day, Gallente forever.

Longer answer : what really matters are your Standings with different Factions.
You’re a Capsuleer, your allegiances are yours to chose !

So, if you want to “become” Caldari, do a lot of missions for Caldari corporations. Every 16 missions of the same level, you will get a Storyline mission that give you a great boost on the corresponding Faction Standings.

Sooner than latter, you will have higher Caldari Standing than Gallente.

On a last note, being XXX or YYY has no other influence than your beginning Standing. No need to “change clan”.

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Yes :slight_smile:

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Got it!

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As far as I can see you have never left your starter corp. To build standing with Caldari, you can run the SOE Epic Arc and choose the Caldari commander. Also run the Caldari career agents in

  • Akiainavas III - School of Applied Knowledge (Lonetrek region)
  • Jouvulen III - Science and Trade Institute School (Lonetrek region)
  • Uitra VI - Moon 4 - State War Academy (The Forge region)

This represents close to 200 level 1 missions but you should have reasonable standing with Caldari when you’re done depending on the standing you’re starting with and your social skills.

As mentioned above you can’t change NPC corporations but you can join a player corporation that operates in Caldari space.

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Do Little has some good advice, definitely complete all the Caldari Career Agents and then do the Level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc and select Caldari for completion.

To gain standings faster, train up Social skill and Connections skill. To gain more ISK for completing missions, train up Negotiation skill.

You don’t have to leave your Gallente NPC starter Corporation to run missions for Caldari or any other Faction. If you leave the NPC starter Corporation, you can never rejoin it. You can’t join any other NPC Corporations except for Faction Warfare Corporations.

If you join Faction Warfare you become an enemy to the opposing Factions and will be attacked when you enter their space. If you leave Faction Warfare, it takes around 16 hours for the enemy Factions to no longer view you as an enemy.

You can join player made Corporations at any time with their approval. If you leave a player Corporation or a Faction Warfare Corporation, you’ll automatically be placed in a different NPC Corporation based on your characters bloodline.

Player Corporations can’t declare War Dec on NPC Corporations.

Have your new clan cyno in on top of your old clan.

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