How do I find a corp that is closer to my initial base?

I’m currently hanging out at my home station I chose when I started playing and all my stuff is there. I applied for two corporations that later appeared to be really far (30+ jumps far) and I eventually rejected the invitation. Since I can’t find the filter for distance, how can I search for neighboring corporations to join to?

i would rather find the corp that suits to me, and then restage to their staging, rather than the other way.
i am pretty sure that if you are a new joiner, your assets have low value, don’t they?
friendship = best ship. If you find a good corp you will get friends and won’t stop playing



All the stuff you own right now is simply peanuts for an established corp and they either can help you hauling it over (just make a courier contract available for your new corp and one of their haulers can ship it for you), or just sell it and buy new stuff at your corp’s location. They will offer ways for you to make good money where they live, don’t they? (because if not, why join them? ^^)


Don’t stay where you start! It’s designed to be a newbro place, which means little risk, little ISK.
30 jumps is no big deal, when you finish the Level1 Epic Arc, you did more than 100 jumps. Additionally, you learn about other regions this way.
You may feel like abandoning everything, but to be honest that’s not much you leave behind - and you always can return.

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