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I played this game way back in the day. It has been many years and most of what i knew from then has changed and im trying to get back into this. Its clear to really make the most of the game i need to find an active corp. So far most of the corps i have found are inactive or are not in my time zone (US PST).

I have been at this for about a week now and have not really got anywhere. I used to do small security pvp operations and merc work. Any help getting back into that would be welcomed.

So… the best piece of advice I can give you is, “don’t look for a good corporation… look for good people.”

By this I mean; go out there and just do stuff. Meet people along the way, get to know them.

Even if the people you talk with don’t do exactly what you are looking for, they can lead to other connections down the road.

For you, since you mentioned Merc and PvP stuff, I would suggest doing some random forays into low-sec.
Look for some cheap fights, get some laughs out of people, see if you can kill someone, talk with the people you fight against.

Those connections eventually do go somewhere. :wink:

edit: It occurred to me that I should explain the low-sec thing.
Low-sec is one of those places where, in order to survive, inhabitants have to “diversify” their income.
Quite often, you’ll have PvP groups that do some combination of Faction Warfare plexing/missioning, module and frigate production (for Faction Warfare), Moon Goo harvesting, Mercenary/Ganker contracts, Planetary Interaction, and even capital industrial manufacturing.

And most of the longer-lived groups in low-sec are on a “first name basis” with each other… even their enemies.


You could also try posting int the recruitment section of the forums. I’m sure there are dudes active in your TZ that are a good fit for you. Just need to keep looking.

Beyond what Fluffers said “corps are about interaction so go out there and interact. Just play and present yourself as good corp material” then best way, imo, to get in contact with non-crap corps is r/evejobs.

The in-game recruiting channel takes no effort at all and is, thus, filled with non-efforts and people who prey on those.

The in-game corp search option is meaningless because they all lie: all corps do “everything” 24/7 meaning that whatever search parameters you use the same corps keep floating to the top. Don’t even bother using this.

The recruitment forums here are already better: it takes more effort from both the corps as the players, so you get a higher chance of meeting people willing to put in effort. Still, you get a ton of copy/paste spam they just cram under each and every “looking for corp” thread. Non-personalized spam = the corp isn’t interested in you as a player, they just want their member count to go up. So looks for replies that are actually typed out, personalized.

And as said: r/evejobs generally has the more serious business corps looking for people. It also takes some more effort and thus, again, a higher chance of running in to people & corps who are willing to put in more effort.

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