How do I find out my Skill Level?

I haven’t played EVE for 10 years? I just found out my accounts and characters still exist.

How do I find out my current skill level? It used to be that you leveled up slowly over time. Does that mean that this account has been accumulating levels?


There are no traditional levels in Eve. You can train skills - all of them if you have the time - but there is no levels. The closest thing is total Skill Points, which measures how many skills you have trained, and how much you have trained them. You can find this at the top of the character information window, but even easier it is displayed on the login screen (“SP”) along with how much currency you have (“ISK”) and where the character is.

And no, your character both needs to have a skill in the Skill Queue and you have an active subscription (at least until recently when you can do some limited training with a free-to-play account) to gain skills and SP. So it has not been doing anything for these last 10 years and not progressing.

Cool that was specific to the topic, also probably means I should login as Alpha (free?) and then I can check where my characters left off at?

I can’t seem to check them outside of the game, I don’t know if that means I’ll just have to start from scratch or not. (such as if the old characters are unplayable or not?)


if you have evedroid, or another type of EVE app that checks SP, mail, etc then you can keep track of all the stuff from in game, out of game… keep in mind, you cannot change what is training, pause, restart etc. all that can only be done in game.

As Pedro mentioned, if you return to the game as an Alpha, you can do limited training, But, if your character is above 5 mil SP, then you cannot train without buying daily injectors or actual injectors, up to 20 Mil SP as an Alpha Pilot.

If you are over 20 Mil SP, then anything considered “Omega Skills” will not be useable to you as an Alpha. Such as flying procurer mining ship, or using a Level 5 of any ship.

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Aside from just downloading the client and logging in…
The suggestion of evedroid on an android phone or Neocomm II on an iPhone are the easiest ways to look at your characters out of game.

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EVEMon is probably the best Desktop tool for monitoring skills and making skill plans

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I prefer pyfa

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Pyfa is an excellent tool I use daily and far more often than EVEMon, but it has a completely different purpose, feature set, and use case than EVEMon does. Pyfa is a fitting manager, whereas EVEMom is a skill tracker/planner.


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