Why can't I see some skills ingame ? + 2 other questions


I’ve just came back to eve after about 2 years break or so and i’d have few questions:
1.Why I can’t see some skills ingame ? For example, on one pilot, I had Marauder trained to level 4 and ingame it doesn’t even show that I have it trained at all!
2.How many of the “new” plexes are required in order to activate my account ?
3.If I had old plexes in my inventory, where are they and how are they called nowdays ? Think I had some saved before quitting eve for real life, but not sure. Either way, at least I need to know what to search for in the first place.

Tried to ask in “help” channel ingame, but it doesn’t seem as helpfull as it was back in the days, so trying my luck on forums. Thanks for your replies in advance :slight_smile:

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1 - if you are an alpha clone (free-to-play) you will only have access to certain skillls at certain max levels. Once you sub again the skills you trained earlier will be unlocked for you again.

2 - 500

3 - E > inventory > plex vault


Eve now has two types of characters, Alpha and Omega.

If you have an active subscription for the game, or you PLEX game time for your character, you are an Omega, all trained skills are active, you can train for any ship or skill.

If your subscription/PLEXed time has expired, you are an Alpha. Alpha characters play for free, but they have limits on their skills and the ships they can fly.

An Alpha can only fly ships from their starting race, plus the Venture mining frigate and the Society of Conscious Thought ships such as the Gnosis battlecruiser. All other ships are limited to T1 and faction, up to cruiser size. No T2 or T3 ships, no T2 weapons, no main empire ships above cruiser, no pirate faction ships at all since they need skills from more than one main empire.

Eve Uni has more details on the differences between an Alpha and an Omega.

All of your skills are STLL THERE, but you need to PLEX your account or pay a subscription to unlock the full set of skills you trained before you stopped playing. If you don’t PLEX or subscribe, you’re stuck with the ship and skill limitations of an Alpha.


Thanks for answers, it’s starting to make sense :slight_smile:

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