How do I find someone to trust and how to gain their trust?


this is eve, don’t trust anybody. Keep your “friends” close but your frenemies closer. Dont even trust your alts… sneaky they are.

in all seriousness, trust is hard to come by what with spies and alts etc. You basically have to be willing to show that you are trustworthy, even though the other party may still stab you in the back…

Okay but how do I gain someone’s trust?



There is an old Arab expression, “Trust in God but tie up your camel.” I think the principle applies to EVE and pretty much everything else in life. Cheers!


Oh I get it.

There is no satisfactory answer to that question other than consistency is valuable in EVE [efferus vita educator] as much if not more than it is elsewhere.

If you are talking about sharing materials it usually just starts small then over a few years you are swapping Titans ect ect.

No I’m talking about profit.
Although it would be nice to have a partner to supply me with minerals.
Because I will need a lot for a thingy that I plan.

And I haven’t been making friends.

our alliance leader has said for over 15 years. your reputation is the only thing of value that you have in this game. play with honor and integrity and over time you earn trust. in the meantime find a corp that seems to work together and become a meaningful asset. you can contact our recruiter dorfsorc if you would like to start that journey

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