How do I find specific ore

Hi so I am kind of STUCK I don’t know how to find a specific type of ore when mining can somebody help me, please :sweat_smile:
Thank you, Kent Avio

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You can use this page

Hover your mouse over the colored dots on the right side.

Or you visit this EVE University page:

Easy to find information with a simple search for “eve online ore distribution”.


Dyver’s advice is good, but there are some situations where an ore you need won’t appear on those lists.

The most common case is mining missions. If you have been given a mission by a mining agent, they will provide you with a location to mine an ore which is specific to that mission. The ore from these missions doesn’t spawn naturally in the universe so you have to go to the site provided. The agent will tell you the location of the site in the mission description, when you are in the system right-click in space and warp to the site from the menu.

There is also an Incursion site which require a unique ore called Lyavite to complete. This is found in the “Nation Mining Colony” site.

Resource Wars sites also use unique ores: Raspite, Polycrase, Moissanite and Kangite. These can’t be moved outside of the sites.

Edit: If you simply need the ores to reprocess into minerals for manufacturing specific items, then it will often be quicker and cheaper (in terms of opportunity cost) to simply buy the required materials off the market.

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Some good advice in this thread for Ore links. This one is also good and still viable:

DMC (sneakly lil ninjaposter :smiley: ) posted the site I was going to link alongside

which is more pictorial

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