How do I launch fireworks at an NPC? (NPC = rat?)

I tried equipping the firework to my Velator but I couldn’t equip it. How do I launch it? And do I have to find a specific NPC or can it be any NPC rat I can just launch it to? And where do I find rats? Sorry, I’m new to the game. Looking forward to the 5000 skill point bonus from completing the quest. :slight_smile:

  1. You need to fit a festival launcher module and load fireworks. Same way you would fit any other module on your ship.
  2. You launch by activating the module.
  3. You can shoot any NPC. You could shoot faction police or CONCORD. I tend to shoot the police vessels that hang around the stargates because they’re the easiest to find and they don’t shoot back.

Hope this helps!


Where do I get a festival launcher module? Do I have to buy it from the market?

You need to buy it from the market, but during certain events you get a crate with a few fireworks/snowballs and a festival launcher (not this one).

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