How do I obtain a festival launcher other than buying one from market?

I need to complete the Zakura Bloom Skilling Spree quest for launching a firework at an NPC. I need the festival launcher but can only see one in the market for around 200k Isk. Is there a way to get one without paying for it on the market?

OK, I was wrong in what I previously wrote. There is a new log in campaign. If you are Omega, you should get a firework crate. you should have launchers in it.

250k isk sent. Buy the damn festival launcher already. :stuck_out_tongue:


o wow, thanks! :slight_smile:

My fireworks crate also did not have a launcher, only fireworks. They were selling for ~250k in my region as well so I picked one up passing through Jita for 3k.

Haven’t opened mine yet. Just saw it. I know some in the past had launchers. Donated all my stuff festive wise, to the snowball fight

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Find someone with at least two on their ship…kill them…loot one. Or wait until the next free one drops into your event collection window thingy. Or kill a few rats and buy one with the bounty payout. Or beg. Or mine a few roids and sell the ore, then buy one. Seriously, if you have to come in here to find one, I weep for your future in this game.

Piece of advice: Build a ship…any ship…fit it with launchers and never ever sell it, unless you upgrade it. Call it your event ship. You’ll always need it. Save every firework and snowball you ever get. Leave it in Jita 4-4 business tribunal station and consider installing a clean, expendable clone there, because some events have you going to suicide space.

That’s just me though…

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