How do I report this RMT site?

(Casidian Isu) #1

I found this website selling in game items for real money. Can we please see them.shut down?


(Buoytender Bob) #2

Well, they’ll have their normal top men working on it…unless CCP is getting a cut, then it’s “Bots away” and “steady as she goes”.

(yellow parasol) #3

Belongs to a guy called Ruslan Borisenco.


This is not doxxing. Whois is a public database everyone can use for free, anytime.

(Toran Mallow) #4

(Rogwar Toralen) #5

Wow I can even buy an Atron for 50 cents.

(QuakeGod) #6

CCP needs to set up a website exactly like that one just for purposes of catching players who would use RMT, then ban them instantly as soon as the transaction goes through…

(Toran Mallow) #7

Site seems to use Google Analytics without anonymizing IP addresses. Maybe CCP can send a nasty lawyer letter over to Google and demand IP addresses of his customers.

(yellow parasol) #8

That’s illegal.

i set up a site offering things usable only on a service i also own. you buy something from my site, i take your money, give you the thing (because obviously i have to, as it’s a legal contract) and then ban you from using the thing on the service you bought the thing for in the first place.

Imagine this being legal… :grin:

IANAL, but he is not doing anything illegal. EULA/ToS is not Law. if it were actually illegal, such sites wouldn’t be so easy to find.

(DaReaper) #9

or file a petition

(QuakeGod) #10

I guess I should buy something from that site using an alpha account character, and make note of the character name that delivers it to me and have them banned…

(yellow parasol) #11

I suggest you first tell GMs about this, else you might get into trouble.

Iirc some dev, years ago, once made a forum post warning RMT sellers that they actually buy goods themselves and then shut them down. THAT’s not illegal. :smile: Was a great post, definitely in a threatening tone. No idea how to find it though.

(Baba Ji) #12

This â– â– â– â–  is freakin funny and yet equally sad. If you can do this is minutes,whats stopping CCP?

On a sidenote,I wonder if Ruslan can help me get my loan approved? :rofl:

(Anne Dieu-le-veut) #13

I would guess the character giving you your illicit goods is also an Alpha, but maybe they can trace where that Alpha got the goods, etc.

(Old Pervert) #14

Simple work around:

You buy the stuff, they apply it to your account, then they ban you for RMT. The legal contract to transact goods was completed, they can have logs which show this.

Were we in a legal system it would most definitely be a case of entrapment. But we aren’t in a legal system. Ultimately, the most upper-level rules (barring actual real life laws) are the EULA, which say RMT is banned. They fulfilled the real-life contract to deliver the goods and their logs can show this. And then the next level of authority (the EULA) was fulfilled.

100% in support of something like this. Obviously, RMT sites that are legitimate would become known, but it would certainly catch the people that are new to it and don’t have a preferred service.

(JC Mieyli) #15

gj adevertising your own site you will be banned for this

(Algarion Getz) #16

Wait what. An Atron is worth 50 Cent???
I have like 10k T1 frigs that collect dust in my hangars …

(Algarion Getz) #17

Wow. They even sell Titans and Super Carriers.
The botters must have a big infrastructure in game.

And they do proper Christmas sales. Unlike CCP …

EDIT: They are online for more than a year??? WTF?


My desire to extend my sub is getting lower every day…

(CCP Falcon) #18

(CCP Falcon) #19

Don’t post links to RMT sites on the forums.

It’s incredibly dumb, and doesn’t help the fight against RMT.