How do I set the Base for a character for a corporation?

Anyone happen to know how to set the “Base” for a character in corp? I can see where I would select one under Corporation>Members>Role Management>Access, but the list is blank, and I can’t figure out how to actually set something there?

For your medical clone?

You need to rent an corporation office somewhere. Then these rented offices appear as selectable “bases” for your members.

…however I think only NPC stations can be set as a base. I was never able to choose a structure as a base for anyone.

Yeah thats true, only corp offices on NPC stations are selectable. Rented Citadel offices don’t show up there. Have not tried it yet with a Citadel that actually belongs to the corp itself.

I was unable to set even the structures I owned as bases for our members, so unless that’s changed since then you still wouldn’t be able to.

Thanks. That seems to answer my question, as we’ve got a number of offices at our own upwell structures but none show up as possible options. Frustrating, but at least I have an answer I can take back to our team to work with.

Glad I could help, I’d say the dev’s simply forgot about that one, maybe the will add an option to use Offices on Upwell Structures later.

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