How do it work?

Okey was thinking about this new big thing going on in eve but how does it work when picking the triglavian side? I mean will they not just shoot at me even if I want to help them I mean how should I fight Edencome if the trigs don´t see me as friendly?

If you kill one of the opponents, you will get a standings loss with them. You will also get a standings increase with the side you are shooting for.

How you setup your overview will be important to see only the side you oppose as targets.

Trigs will shoot at you if you have neutral (how you start), but Edencom will not shoot at you until you kill them.

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Go to an invasion system, type E or T, depending on which side you want, in local/invasion chats to fleet up.

You do get standings from repping npc’s on your side as well, but as @Wanda_Fayne implied, that’s not a good idea when you first get there and trigs are neutral and red to you. Nearly lost my throwaway cruiser that way, cause it takes awhile for standing increase from shooting Edencom ships to take effect. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

All you need is the first 0.001 standing increase for you to switch to trig side, if you started out neutral to begin with.


Looks to be about 20 minutes.

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Intresting good to know. Thanks allot.

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