How do Pirate Mining Fleets work?

From what I understand mining fleets only spawn within range of NPC stations. How do Pirate Faction Mining fleets work in Sov NullSec? Finding Angel Faction Mining Fleets around and sometimes they drop on you and immediately drop a 18 man fleet on your head within secs. Are there Angel Faction Shipyards? or do they spawn outta Gurista Shipyards? We have no NPC stations within 4 jumps of us.

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Sounds like Pirate Forward Operating Base (FOB). There doesn’t have to be any actual NPC stations within the system for them to spawn.

An active FOB in system will have the following effects:

  • Pirate mining operations in asteroid belts.
  • Roaming pirates that will attack Upwell structures.
  • FOB structure in space to kill.

Pirate Forward Operating Bases can be found through the Agency. Set the filter to “Pirate Stronghold” and you will see location of all Forward Operating Bases near you.

The Forward Operating Base, the defender rats and pirate mining operation rats are also visible on Directional Scan and can be found with combat probes.


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