How do players contact CCP internal affairs?

How do players contact CCPs Internal Affairs when they believe they may have seen possible misconduct?

you create support ticket at
Select “Game play support” for type and “rules & policies” for category - you will have to select subcategory depending on what you have seen. There is a subcategory “Gamemasters & ISD” for, i suppose, solving conflicts.

If you have seen misconduct ingame then go thru the Help Centere (see post above). If you spot misconduct here on forums, you can just flag it and we ISDs will take a look at it and if special intervention is required forward it to the right people.

If a player seeks “internal affairs” that usually means that they have a problem with some member of staff or were a witness to that problem…

If it involves an ISD then, atleast for those of us that work with forum moderation, it’s Community Team at

There’s also

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What is a good way to reach you directly Xuxe Xu, to discuss what issue you think I and you have?

is for Account and reporting botting issues mostly.

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