When and where is CCP going to talk?

Ahoy CCP,

I know you guys have your own twitch, but is there one place where you announce the interviews and panels you will be doing so we can keep track? I found out Swift and Fozzie were on with Ash today just a bit too late.

Hearing from you guys directly in these long form interviews is the best communication available from CCP in my opinion. So I’d love to tune in whenever I could.



Why not monitor their Discord?

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Moria, you can always send me an ingame mail if you want to chat.


How can I get in touch with CCP?

This address is for general queries and information regarding CCP and our products.

You can reach our Player Experience Team on this address for all customer support queries relating to EVE Online. Emailing this address will automatically create a support ticket for you…

This address will put you in contact with our Communications Team for press and media related enquiries.

Our Community Team, which forms part of the Communications Team, can be reached at this address for all community related queries and for community related support.

Information security and game account security is incredibly important to us at CCP. This address is a direct line to our Security Team for any security related concerns or queries you may have.

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Although the thread is aimed at CCP, I disagree that it is a useless post (please be more constructive with your criticisms) - the OP is obviously interested in keeping up to date with CCP interviews etc that some other kind capuleer may be able to point them in the right direction.

I have also removed off-topic posts…fly safe o7

ISD Bahamut


Just to be a bit clearer.

I know they have a Twitter. But not all the interviews are listed there.

Is there a link to the official discord that someone could share? Discord is not listed with all the other social media on the Eve web page.

It seems like the best way to do this might be to follow several devs on Twitter separately.

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It is a little odd how the developers don’t use their own forums.


Are you enjoying your Christmas present? Or did you use it all up already? I’ve been watching your killboard. That Vargur kill the other day was pretty sweet.

Its more than odd, its flocking stupid.

it has been my experience that CCP chooses not to use the launchpad splash screen as an information cneter. at times it seems that reddit and other social media are their communication outlets. this allows them to unofficially say things. as to podcasts, twitch etc, it would be nice if the launcher had a link for the timing of such eveents

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I might shy away from coming here to be ad hominemed to death. Insult me. I’ll show you.

I think that’s a reflection on the standard of the average forum post. If more “normal” eve players could be encouraged to contribute to these forums we might see more input from the Dev’s. As it is, if I was lucky enough to work for CCP I would definitely keep an eye on them but to post? Not a chance.

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two links I think may help the OP.

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Is the average reddit post any better?

Because the devs post there more than here and that is what I find stupid. That if you want to see Eve Online devs interact with its player base you go to reddit rather than the official Eve Online forums.


So many alts and non active people around.

That place is pure garbage, once it was cool filled with nice memes.

Maybe the Devs don’t post here (and really never have) because they KNOW their own forums are trash. Not quite to Fallout 76 trash, but close.

But Reddit? What a cesspool…


EVE Reddit is an echo chamber of carebearism with an occasional null-sec meme thread thrown in.

But it’s got like 120,000 times the traffic of this place, so…

The quality of posting on Eve O is on par for the quality of Eve development.

The reason for lack of quality posts on Eve O is that quality posts have a tendency to be deleted when they don’t suit CCP’s narrative.

Thus Eve-O was never the place to discuss anything important regarding Eve. it used to be Kugu forum. Now meh, I’d say your last bastions of public truthing regarding Eve are the Meta Show or maybe the r/eve discord.

Honestly eve is a game with an ever dwindling playerbase and all the forums are drying up.

Like whom?

Don’t lie, stop trolling.