Why can't CCP hold AMAs on these forums?

Today CCP held a nice AMA on Reddit with a group of 6+ devs who answered a variety of player questions. I never saw any notification on these forums (come on, community manager) that it was going to happen and, perhaps more importantly, why does CCP continue to generally ignore these official forums when it comes to interaction with the player community? Ditto with CCP Coyote’s AMA on Discord; no prenotifiaction here, no posting by him here,either. Same thing with TiS and other venues.

Is their some innate bias against these forums at CCP? I understand that Reddit and the Discord channels may hold a higher percentage of “rabid fans” than here, but it’s redicculous that I have to use third party sites to keep up to date when this forum exists.

@CCP_Aurora How about being more proactive and active on these forums by organizing a stronger presence by CCP so that information is more widely spread and perhaps a few of the fires started by the lack of info could be put out?.

Aren’t we part of the EVE community?

  1. Threads on Reddit have the potential to go viral within the platform, increasing the audience to levels that this forum cannot hope to reach.

  2. Reddit has a built-in function to quietly silence people who disagree with popular opinion, if you try to do that on these forums, it looks like censorship, but there it looks like community consensus.


This is a good point, but if there was a “silence user IN THIS THREAD” feature… no one else would know… :angel:

Ok, I understand the use of outside resources to create low cost advertising of EVE if things go viral. It is the same principle as their development choices to focus on creating NS content and conflict that grabs internet headlines, rather than other parts of the game. I also understand their general preference for stifling dissent to make their job easier. That being said, a larger presence on these forums could be done by someone at CCP, even if it is in more blogs answering presubmitted questions.

Instead, we are generally the last to know or, more likely, to be simply ignored.

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This is the prison for the criminally insane. You don’t see dignitaries visit those publicly?


Only dirty pubies use the official forums.

Long live the goon downvote brigade!!!


because r/eve has objectively better players who know what they’re talking about?

iono, seemed obvious to me.

I must not know how to use Reddit then. Every time I go there, it seems like a bunch of uncategorized rants, goofy inside jokes, and imponderable “artwork.”


I just looked at reddit but didn’t see an AMA. Is it in r/eve or somewhere else?

Edit: found it.


I completely agree with you.

For years CCP has been focused on Social Media outlets and ignore their own Official Forums. In fact they didn’t post anything here about the Scavenger Hunt but they made damn sure to post hints on Twitter as to where cans were located.


CCP has always been (at best) terrible with communication. That’s not new. There’s no plan, policy, consistency and apparently not even a goal when they attempt to communicate. It seems to closely match their approach to advertising, only less successful.


It did not used to be that way. Communication from CCP while still sparse when I joined, it was far better than it is now.

You have a really weird perception of /r/eve.

Its a cesspool of the lowest skilled and most toxic players of the game, stuck in an echo chamber of dumb memes and politics with little to no actual discussion on game mechanics or strategy. it is literally the bastion of the opposite of what you have said it is.


Reddit is entirely all idiots trying to act like smart people

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Not sure if that’s a typo or not… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

NO. Obviously not.
If CCP ignores this forum and doesn’t even communicate events like AMA and other info Archer has brought up then no, we’re not part of the “community”.
Personally I don’t care. I started playing EVE ignoring all the fireworks coming out of CCP and I intend to continue to ignore them.

These forums are stupid really in the face of social media. You dont’ have to be an Eve player over on reddit to participate.

He’s not actually wrong. The forums aren’t very much better though. The days of hard core meta discussion are far behind EVE. Also, CCP communicates like a room full of recovering meth addicts with the attention span equivalent to the best a gold fish could do.


The fact that you’d agree with him is just more proof of how low quality these forums are.

Well, you’re here too. So there is that you know.

We’re both here. We’re both on Reddit. Welcome to the bottom of the barrel I guess. You’ve been here with us all along.

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