Why can't CCP hold AMAs on these forums?

Okay, let’s get real here.

Yes, the forums have plenty of whiners, but most of them are infrequent posters. Some come out just to complain in the dev blogs, and those that make threads or post in other people’s threads tend to catch plenty of ■■■■ from many of the regulars. I mean, I’ve seen whiny posts collect lots up upvotes in dev blogs, but I’ve also seen people like Noori Nari (spelling) get torn to pieces in their whine threads.

Second, Reddit certainly has it’s fair share of whiny bitter vets. If you need citations, just let me know.

Third, at least half of the “players that know what they are talking about,” don’t actually know ■■■■. Just like in real life, many players are surprisingly bereft of original thought, and just regurgitate up the thoughts of others. And, I’m pretty damn sure that the problem is even worse on Reddit -which brings me to my next point…

While ehco chambers have popped up in all corners of the internet, the particular voting mechanics on reddit are especially detrimental to debate, which engenders groupthink. Even Reddit seems to be aware of this fact, which is why they started hiding votes on recently posted comments. Unfortunately, however, they still haven’t addressed the burying of dissenting opinions through downvotes.

All social media platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, and the Eve forums are no exception. But, I chose to use the forums over reddit because you can’t just silence people you disagree with downvotes. If someone says something you disagree with, you actually have to make a compelling argument as to why you think they’re wrong, or you’ll fail to persuade anyone.

Either that, or I’m a whiny idiot who can’t hack it on Reddit. One of the two.


I think we know which it is.

Okay Scoots, now I know you’re trolling. Reddit is the home of thing like r/aww and r/canning. There’s no such thing as “can’t hack it on Reddit”. That’s fake because absolutely ANYBODY can be on Reddit. The idea is actually kind of funny. That’s like going hard core in the Chuck E Cheese arcade. :slightly_smiling_face:

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In these several years, I found that CCP thinks players are nothing. They just doing what they want or what they suppose we want. CCP heard no voice from our players. They only forced players to do something. Players like high sec and they removed high sec systems by Trig invasion. Players like PVE and they reduce the income of PVE activities. Even yesterday, CCP removed many mission agents from the game because many players were working on these agents. CCP is always forcing players to go to null-sec, to lose their belongings and to join PVP activities. If you don’t want? OK, CCP will remove want you want in the game to force you. I feel so disappointed about EVE. I think it is time to leave now.

In before the crowd - “Can I have your stuff ??”

I will destroy everything. Because if i don’t do so, CCP will do it someday, Like all players’ asset in High sec will be automatically destroyed.

I like the sound of that. Sounds permanent. Can you give me the ISK tho ? Can’t destroy that.


Ofc he can: buy plex, warp to safe, drag plex from vault to cargo hold, jettison plex, pew pew jetcan, profit. :wink:

(Can buy bling modules if don’t want to support CCP by buying plex.)

Nope, that just transfers the Isk to someone else. Gotta sink that Isk.

You could spend it all on skillbooks ( or any NPC buy orders) for example.

Good point. Then that and blow them up or trash them if lazy.

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