How do you switch fire modes in the Vanguard solstice event?

One of the objectives to get an Arkombine skin is

for Vanguard who get 25 kills with each firing mode: semi-auto, burst fire and full auto firing.

How exactly do you switch between the three? Couldn’t find a keybind for it and collected several dozens of mods neither of which affect the fire mode.

I found a mod for burst, but can’t find semi-auto.

The default is auto so I think we need to find those two mods. The mod is called “ Trigger:”

Doesn’t make a lot of sense that it isn’t easier to find or make though…

Update: I found the Trigger:semi in a chest. Not common do keep looking

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Thank you, I will keep looking I guess.

If they are this rare it seems impossible to complete given that you lose your mods when you fail to extract. So good luck killing 25 vanguards with burst/semi (unless it counts AI Clones)