Inquiry About The Exclusive Skins In Vanguard

To get the Executioner Arkombine Arisen SKIN, you need to team up with at least one other person and complete a mission in Vanguard.

To obtain the Arkombine Arisen SKIN, we have been informed that we must deliver the final blow to 50 different threats, which include NPCs, other Vanguards, and turrets. However, I’m wondering if there’s any way for us to keep track of our total kills so far. I’ve been playing the game for around eight hours and have managed to rack up quite a few kills, but I have no idea how many more I need to reach the 50-kill milestone.

The post game report will tell you.

Has the post-game report been posted?

No, I mean after each round, when you extract, or die to the point where you can’t continue, there will be an after action report.

They kept a running tally but as far as I’m aware only the top of the leaderboard was actually visible. Cross your fingers I guess.

I believe I should be OK… I finished one mission while I was teamed up and I counted at least 60-70 kill-blows so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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