How does a beginner start to play logi?

Hey guys,

I was thinking about playing logistic. I’m still beginner only played solo and in small groups. I would like to join a corp and bring something to the table … logistic seems to be a needed role.

I’m gallente sitting at arount 17 million skill points. My question is: Does it make sense to skill to Guardian (Amarr)? Gallente would be Oneiros, logistic cruiser.

My thing is I don’t know how fleets are working. How important is the cap transfer of the Guardian?
I would rather avoid a situation where I skill x weeks into a hull which is not needed in a fleet.
Or does it make more sense to search for a corp first and skill into the doctrine they are flying?

Thank you guys

Die deutsche Version, die ich zuerst geschrieben habe, dachte das wäre ein deutsches Forum:

Hey zusammen,

ich habe mir überlegt mal Logi zu spielen, nachdem ich sonst eher solo unterwegs war, oder in kleinen Gruppen.
Dann würde ich auch mal eine Corp anstreben.

Nu bin ich Gallente mit ca. 17 mio Skillpunkten.
Meine Frage wäre ob es trotzdem vorzuziehen wäre, dass ich Richtung Guardian zu skillen, also Amarr. Bei Gallente würde ich Richtung Oneiros, Logi Cruiser gehen.
Von den Skillzeiten um überhaupt drin sitzen zu können wäre das nicht der Unterschied (eine Woche).
Ich weiß halt nicht was in Flotten gespielt wird und ob da dann sehr viel auf Guardian und Cap-Transfer gesetzt wird.
Außerdem würde ich jetzt ungerne x Monate in bestimmte Hüllen skillen wollen und dann merken “oh, die Flotten fliegen was ganz anderes”.
Oder sollte man sich, wenn man Logi spielen will, erst mal eine Corp suchen und dort abstimmen, welche Hülle, welchen Fit man skillen soll.

Besten Dank und Gruß

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Okay, different groups will have different doctrines, some of which will see more use than others. So, if you want to make absolutely sure that you’re training something that will see a lot of use, you should join a group first, and then ask them what logi ships they use the most.

That being said, it’s really not that hard to cross-train into other logi ships, and you’ll probably end up training and flying all of them sooner or later.

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Logi Cruiser never is wrong, Cap transfer either, so skill on!


Ah thank you for your respons.
You are right cross training does not seem that hard, all the stats of the ships are the same, they use the same skills as it looks like. Remote armor repair is the thing.

I have translated my question to english.


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Ok, three links from Eve Uni to get you some more information. Pay particular attention to the skills in the 101, these are really important.

Generally speaking, the T2 Guardian and Basilisk are the Fleet logistic ships. (Augoror and Osprey are T1).
Scimitar and Oneiros are Skirmish or small gang logistics. (Scythe and Exequror).
Triglavian cruisers - Rodiva and Zarmazd

There are also logistics Frigates (T1 and T2), battleship (Nestor), Orca, and virtually the entire Triglavian line has logistic bonuses.

If you can train up the skills required I might recommend you join one of the Incursion groups and get paid for some hands-on logistics fleets. Be patient, the wait lists can get long sometimes.

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@ Wanda_Fayne

Hey thank you for your response.

I’m confused about this though:

The wait lists for logi is long? My impression was that logi is not the most preferred role in the game one reason I want to support a fleet with that.
All I see are dmg dealers. Or is my impression just wrong?

Thank you

I was specifically referring to incursion fleets. Since CCP reduced the number of concurrent incursions there are less opportunities to run them in the fleets. You might have to wait a bit longer to get into an incursion fleet.

Otherwise, good logi pilots are seemingly always in demand :wink:

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@hellokittyonline would be more than willing to help you out.

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Everyone loves logi. Train them all.

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