How does collateral work for courier contracts?

does it mean that if the courier fails they get the money, or the person who made the contract gets the money when the courier fails?

The person who made the contract gets to keep the collateral that you put up if you fail the delivery.

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The latter.

The person making the contract wants compensation in case the courier fails or steals the items. That’s what the collateral is.

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One of the scams for contracts is to put up a high deposit on a worthless load and then prevent the delivery from succeeding using various methods.

When I was new I fell for the scam where you don’t have acces to the dellivery destination.

I still have that container with the 1 trit in it as a reminder.


Interesting anecdote.

But if you are new enough to fall for the scam, you are also new enough to not have the ISK to cover the huge collateral in the first place. Newbs don’t generally have hundreds of millions of ISKies sitting around.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

“new” :joy:

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Have you not been paying attention to cpps marketing the last few years? They take every opportunity to convince new players just how much better things would be if they bought some plex to help them get some starting isk.

He was a new player long before “the last few years”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I mean they have pushed that since they started selling plex. Just not nearly as hard as now.

Ok Nanny Nit Pic :slight_smile:

Collateral is something someone offers as a guarantee they’ll fulfill the agreement. Say I go to a restaurant but discover I don’t have any money to pay for the meal. I could leave something I own with the restaurant as a guarantee I will return to get that item back once I’ve paid for the meal.

I was foolish enough to set up a courier contract once in which I required the courier to pay the in-game estimated value of the items they were to deliver. Instead, they took the items, which I later discovered were much more valuable. They stole my items, and although I got to keep their collateral, they made much more than what they spent.

If you’re going to make a courier contract, do your homework on what your item is actually worth, and set the collateral well above it. These days, I just hornswoggle my corpmates into hauling the junk in my trunk.

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