How does reputation gained/loss work in teams?


Eventually I’m going to rely on fellow capsuleers to help me with the more challenging Agent missions, even Minmatar ̶s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶ allies. I understand how the ISK payout works for fleets but what about the reputation gained or lost with other factions?

Is it just the mission holder that gets the reputation adjustment or is that divided amongst the fleet members?

that depends on if the person pulling the mission shares the rewards at the end of the mission.

if they do share it, then if its just one person in fleet with the puller, standings, LP, isk rewards are shared 50%… Rewards can be shared with up to 10 total capsuleers in fleet. If more than 10 are in a fleet, then its randomized for 9 others to get rewards where as the puller will always get the rewards.

Now, for missions that give negative hits to other factions (not storylines) only the puller receives any negative hits… fleet mechanics are set up in such a way that no negative standings are given to any fleet members.

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Thanks. This was the part I was worried about the most.

Yea there is absolutely no way for a mission puller to give you any negative standings, UNLESS you are on grid and YOU cause the action for the negative standings hit ie (hitting a certain target ship)

but other than that, you are in the clear.

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Exactly, thats how the united standings improvement agency has been able to stand the test of time and run for over 12 years, negative standings dont impact our clients

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