How does the invasion content changes affect new or returning players?

New trade routes to find.

New enemies to fight.

New factions to gain standing with.

New faction ships and modules.

New regions of space to explore.

New mining zones ( basically early eve ore specific mineral locations to regional space. Lowsec is only place to mining in belts for nox and isogen.)

Heaps of salt for your popcorn from carebears and nullblocks.

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Hm. Well, this game isn’t really fun for the most part …
… so please stop torturing yourself and find a fun game to play.

There’s millions of them out there …
… with millions of fun people …
… who we not just love, but also send back to WoW.

Imagine this sense of entitlement. Let me correct this for you. You pay the devs for the privilege to play in their world. If you can’t stomach their world, then go take your money elsewhere and find one that suits you. This is like paying for a gym membership and then strolling in there and demanding they are required remodel the building and move all the equipment around to suit your needs. It doesn’t work that way. Why does everyone here think because they pay the monthly subscription, they should be on CCP’s board of directors?

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Has anyone ever played Pathologic or it’s remake (Pathologic 2)?

The developers of those games (Ice Pick Lodge) openly indicate that Pathologic is not intended to be fun. It is intended to be almost unbearable. I did not pay for fun when I paid for the remake. I did not have fun when I played the game.

I bloody HATED playing Pathologic 2. And yet I finished the whole thing. I raged at it, I hated it, I bloody SCREAMED at it (something I rarely do) and ultimately… I loved it. I will play it again someday.

But not because it was fun. I loved it because it doesn’t pretend to be fun. It dares to screw you over and waste your time and make you feel stuff other games avoid like the plague (pun intended). I loved it because it was bold, unforgiving, and ultimately far more meaningfull then the cookie cutter power fantasies mainstream games offer.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Eve, when played with a certain mindset, is still fun compared to the absolutely dreadfull experience that is Pathologic.


Sounds like Lego Worlds.

One missed click and its washing machine through bedroom floor and 8 hours of work three weeks ago up the swanny

That sounds damn interesting and I’m going to look this up!

Thank you!

And thank you for understanding that fun isn’t the be-all end-all of existence …
… and that the emotional spectrum is far greater and detailed than that!

Have you heard of “Life is Strange”?
That’s another game that’s not meant to be fun.

I guess this is horribly off-topic now.

Ahhh there’s enough complaint threads around here for people to go whine in. I’m okay with hijacking this into an off topic game thread until it gets closed or deleted.

I’d agree that it’s not fun gameplay wise and is basically a walking simulator, but it’s got a well written, engaging, and multi-branching story that kept me playing and enjoying it.

Never heard of it, but I read up on it and it does sound like a compelling niche game that weirdos like us would enjoy. I might have to give it a try.

If I had to name my favorite not fun game it would probably have to be an indy game called Paper’s Please. It’s essentially a bureaucracy simulator where you work as an immigration official inspecting travel documents at the fictional version of East Belin during the cold war. You struggle to keep up with the constantly changing immigration laws and have to get paid enough to feed your family which never seems to happen. Sounds horrendous, especially when you can get arrested for hanging up a picture that you son drew for you. but there’s something about it that will keep you playing.

i like it
to me is telltale but better

the first one… before the storm i hate it , its like my ex girlfriend simulator

didn’t play life is strange 2

yes its noice

btw since we are all eve players and you metioned other miserable helish nightmare ( Pathologic)
i recommend to all

we are the right kind of people

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I know Life is Strange, Papers Please and Kenshi, but haven’t played them. They do sound like games I would play.

For those interested… Pathologic 2 is not a sequel but a reimagining of a 15 year old game. It’s about an isolated, eastern european steppe town that is struck by a deadly plague. The player, who is a doctor of sorts, must survive for 12 days. Then it invariably ends. You cannot save everyone is the literal tag line. Almost every mechanic is designed to piss you off. Technically it falls into the immersive sim category, but it is often described as a stress simulator. That description is 100% accurate.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, which only adds to it’s inherent unfairness and brutal difficulty. The atmosphere is extremely oppressive but hauntingly beautiful at the same time.

To come back to Eve: if you’ve done nothing but mine and run missions in hisec, it’s likely you’re going to get rekt a couple of times while travelling. If you’ve played outside of hisec for any length of time, you’ll appreciate what CCP has done on a technical level with the AI and won’t have that much issues with the new content. Your old patterns will remain applicable.

I agree with Solstice this isn’t going to negatively affect new players that much, as it will be the world in which their characters are born. When I was new I died to Angel Cartel and every dude with a T2 weapon rack.

You missed his point here a bit, I think. I agree with him lots of people seem to feel entitled to play the same “safe” content over and over. This will simply not improve their game beyond the low-risk niche that they engaged with year after year. I’ve seen players grow from tired mission runners into absolute menaces to be reckoned with. I have also seen players throw a fit every time they died instead of asking what went wrong and how can I prevent this in the future?

And many of those people seem to frequent the forums, while my ingame experiences tell me people are at the very least mildly intrigued by the new content and engage with it in various ways. Now OP comes in here asking how the new content affects those that never engaged with it. Nobody has mentioned anything mechanically explaining what affects what, or directed OP to some useful information. I see a lot of moping and anger.

This post has been too long already and now I feel guilty for not explaining much either. There are new ships. There are new PVE sites. Some hisec systems are now no longer hisec. You can go to Triglavian space via wormholes and filaments. Some systems have system-wide effects comparable to wormholes. There are roaming fleets in those systems that shoot you in accordance to your standings with them.

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I just came back last week too, all my ■■■■ is in Otela which is in the new triglave region. here I thought that putting my stuff in a high sec station before I logged off a year ago was safe thanks CCP

Yeah . . . After they got rid of asset safety a few months ago people asked if NPC stations were still safe. A bunch of people laughed and thought it was a stupid question. “CCP would never mess with stuff in NPC stations.”

Well, surprise!

If you don’t need it, I’ll have plenty of use for it once I get there!

You can get support to move it out of those,systems.

But for the last two weeks or more Concord/Edencom have warmed to move out of those systems.