How does the invasion content changes affect new or returning players?

So I just returned to the game about a week ago and have briefly read some of the stuff pertaining to the invasions. Today, the forums have been filled with posts talking about autopilot settings and people not being warned before entering a system with invaders (I don’t fully understand everything going on since I just returned).

So I guess I am asking, how does all this affect those of us who are new or returning and have not participated in any of the invasion content? I’m a little confused, so any clarification would be appreciated!

Just avoid these systems and you will be completely fine:


Edit: If you stay out of lowsec then you really just need to avoid Litiura, Piekura and Arraron - the other systems are mostly dead-ends or hidden.

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I am a returning panfam player who came back about three weeks ago. Haven’t played in a couple years, not since that war where test and goons were suddenly friends again against winter coalition. whatever the ■■■■ that was about… :roll_eyes:

Anyways I’m rambling… Despite living in Delve starting a couple days ago, I frequently visit highsec just to make sure it doesn’t grow too safe over there. I have to say that the Trigs have barely made an impact on me besides me wondering why a star system’s info was just a bunch of weird symbols on the UI.

I got popped once in Niarja by a smartbomb gatecamp, but that was about it. I don’t even think I was out fully out of warp before exploding. It was kinda cool. I didn’t even realize at the time that Niarja’s security rating went negative so it caught me off guard. It wasn’t a big deal. It was a shuttle with zero cargo and I was merely moving point A to point B without wasting a Jumpclone. I suppose I can see a new or returning player getting caught off guard once flying something expensive, but that’s about it.

To me they are no different than Sansha’s nation, or the drifters, or any other wierd crap that CCP throws in to spice things up. I don’t really engage with it because the goons and the unlicensed miners keep me busy, but I don’t have any issues with CCP adding it.

You can get positive standings to both factions. It is possible to opt out.

this new form of game play brings null sec to high sec. i expect there will be a lot of fewer players on in the near future as i am one of them. eve online is now wasted money and time.

I don’t understand. Are there not still hundreds of highsec systems to do whatever it is you do? Why are people so bent out of shape about them. I have found the trig content to be so avoidable. They literally do not affect you unless you chose to enter those systems and engage with them. I’ve heard way better reasons for people to rage quit than this.

The issue with hisec is that unlike other spaces, there is not much to do in any given system. Pick a cruiser and within a few minutes you can exhaust all the anoms. Want to do a mission? More often then not the mission target is in another system. I won’t even touch upon exploration, should be self-explanatory.

Hisec is all about wasting your time warping around various systems for paltry rewards, and mining. So mining is your best option right now. I haven’t been able to mine more then 30 minutes at a time before dozing off. I’m starting to understand why people in hisec are a bit pissed, their content does not allow for sitting in a system doing X.

When the gates went down I used the oppurtunity to do a site that I’m normally a bit apprehensive about as it requires an expensive ship. So to me that lockdown had merit as I could do the site far more safely now, but it was by the grace of me being surrounded by worthwhile content. Hisec has no such luxury and requires constant travel for everyone that is not a miner.

I just treat the Trigs / EDENCOM as if they were hostile player fleets but hiseccers might not even have an interest in playing EVE as a survival game instead of Farmville in space. So I kinda get it… I just have little sympathy for 'em :rofl:

It doesn’t. They don’t know the difference between before and after.

Anyone not looking up what changes happened in the game can only blame themselves.
Not that they will do that, but that doesn’t change anything about it.

Far too many people operate in fixed patterns and their brains can’t handle a change of said patterns. They avoid using their brains like real human beings at all costs and instead, irrationally, complain about it instead of investing the time spent complaining into adapting to the new situation.

Sure, not all new situations are desirable. There are situations which really do have negative effects, but this one, as you correctly point out, definitely isn’t one of them. A blurry font on the other hand … that’s a ■■■■■■■ mess.

Well that or their gameplay was made worse by CCP.

No. It’s not an “or”.

Your position is one of those who can not change their patterns. There is no “their gameplay”, despite what some narrow minded folks want to make everyone believe.

They call it “my gamestyle/gameplay/individuality”, but in reality it’s just the incapability of doing something outside of that narrow range of patterns that makes them feel good. They’re like living echo chambers locked up in a cage, only ever doing what they like and never ever trying anything new, because that new could cause them feelings they can’t handle.

That’s not individuality.

It’s a flaw.

Proof: Threads where people whine about things as if they had no real problems in life.

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Of course it is.

We all do things in life. Sometimes those things become harder. Sometimes that is caused by a defined actor and sometimes it isn’t. When it is, there’s a strong tendency to complain to/about that actor.

It’s not whether people have the ability to do something but whether they have the desire to do it. And desire is influenced by the balance between effort and enjoyment/reward. When effort increases and enjoyment/reward doesn’t, people are less like to do a thing.

Your post is nothing more than thinly veiled attacks against people who oppose the change somehow suggesting they are not as capable as you are…

…frankly, it’s rather disgusting that you seem to need to feel superior to others in a video game.

I wish you good fortune in life.

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game is ■■■■ right now
there is some bald guys who did PVE some time ago thinking they are the best , it makes me want to puke
remember the 4 big empires ? i do but ccp don’t
remember the sandbox???
well return at your own risk


I don’t need to feel that way. Others are making sure I feel that way.
Others believe I am that way.

The sheer amount of incompetence and lack of understanding/knowledge from people who believe they’re entitled to things because of “personality/individuality” is nothing short of frightening. You can believe in what you believe all you want, but it doesn’t change anything about actual reality …

… and actual reality dictates that when you can’t exist outside of a narrow bubble of “feel good moments” then you’re an emotionally immature human being who can’t actually function in real life.

Of course I come across as someone who believes he’s superior especially to those who think their wannabe individuality has any value in the real world, but it’s not because of me. It’s because of them!

From the perspective of an ant a bumblebee is massive.

Stop being an ant.
Be a bumblebee!

*bzzzz bzzzz*

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Pretty sure they don’t.

It’s not about feel good moments, it’s about the cost/benefit analysis of a voluntary activity.

Have a blessed day.

You’re assuming rational decisions where there are none.
No one is doing an analysis. No one. It’s all based on triggers that match patterns.

It’d be like saying people who played FarmVille played it because they liked it …
… instead of them playing it because it was manipulative and exploitative as ■■■■.

It’s nice that you think of people as smarter and more rational than they are …
… but they are not. You’re not an example of most people out there.

Thank you, but I really rather have sunny days, because those actually exist.

So … have a sunny, warm and bright day. :slight_smile:

What a dark world you inhabit. Rational decisions happen all the time.

What a dark world you inhabit. Blessings happen all the time.

It’s the real world and you apparently have no idea about it.
It’s not even dark at all. That’s just your ■■■■■■ up perspective on reality.

Next you tell me you don’t believe advertisements work?
Psychology/etc. is fake nonsense?
You’ll tell me that your god is real, too?
Do you also live by moral guidelines instead of natural empathy?

The above would help explaining why you don’t really know what you’re talking about …
… and perfectly proving my point about people who can’t exist out of their “feel good bubble”.

Anyhow … this has been going off-topic enough …
… so a sunny, warm and bright day, which’s actually real, is all that’s left to share. :slight_smile:

Ah the desire to appear superior while justifying your own suffering.

I truly am sorry for you.

If sunshine is the best you can hope for, then please enjoy it.

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sarcasm Yeah - that’s why I play. To continuously adapt to hairballs coughed up by developers. Not to destress from a day of adapting to hairballs coughed by clients. /sarcasm Clients pay me for my successful adaption. Developers are paid by me to provide me with a fun game.