How does the test sever work

How does it work i everything free there or cost isk but a lot less just would like to know

Everything on the market seeded by ccp is 100isk each. Even PLEX

finds a way to move that plex to tranquilty

To get billions of ISK on the test server, simply buy an extremely expensive ship that you can fly for 100 ISK, undock, self destruct, and get millions or hundreds of millions of ISK in insurance payout…

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do skill transfer over?

Yes. Your skills will be the same as the date the test server was mirrored. And all of your ships and modules will transfer as well…


The search option in the upper right corner will answer a lot of your questions… :wink:

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Just go to CA1 in an expensive ship that isn’t seeded…that’s what I would do.


all for 100 isk
you can do /moveme to teleport to distant systems
kinda nice to train PVE or to fit â– â– â– â– 

get ready for me try and move plex into the real game

if you get to move
gibe me some

I’ll try depends on how much i could if i can get through

You’re not getting plex from Sisi to TQ. And if you did you would be banned so hard that your grandkids won’t be able to log in.

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let the kid dream bruh

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