How Has Wormhole Strategy Changed?

So, I’m a returning player (been out of the game over 3 years). I’ve been back in the game for a few months now, and I’d like to get back into wormholes.

However, I’ve heard talk of a T3 nerf. New ships have been introduced. I haven’t been able to find any up to date guides (maybe people making content about Eve don’t know much about SEO?)

So, how has wormhole strategy changed over the last three years? Are armor HACs still the main thing for PvP? Is RR Domi the viable strategy for C4s (and others)? Are capitals how you run sites in a C6?

I’m here to learn.

Teach me the ways of the W-Force.

Ship balance passes mean you see many less hacs now, more stratios and tengus.

The main change you’ll need to look into are citadels rather than POS. You’ll need to be in a corp capable of defending it’s home unless you are planning on daytripping.

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That makes sense! Thank you.

If you arr trusting… Many C1 and C2 wormholes sport Freeport citadels. They hope you use their POCOs so they can generate income as well. If You live lightly, you can try basing out of one of these places to start yiur journey back onto w space.


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