How high does the industrial index go?

I know the index goes above 5 but does anyone know if it caps out at a certain number of just keeps going?

Look at Perimeter and Jita. 12% is the highest ever seen so far.

At 12%, you Wonder is the industry is still profitable… :frowning:

It doesn’t really matter for items with very few components. Ammo, drones, that kind of stuff. And some people just don’t care.

If you choose to work close to the major trade hubs you are paying for convenience. And it is a choice - there are systems with a cost index below 2% within 3 jumps of Jita.

yes it does matter for those items.

It does not matter however for items that do not require much resource, eg faction bpcs. Get those from the LP store, build them in jita, sell them in jita. index is 15% ? material cost is ±1M/bpc, while the cost of the bpc is already in the this case the effective index is 0.15%

let’s take a look at the antimatter charge S bpo (10/20) over direct production for 48H. If I build it in Kudi(the closest system from jita with <0.5M index) in a sation, considering a 5% margin penalty I still make 11.2k isk/hour/line.
Now if I consider Jita, I go down to 8.78 k isk/hour. That’s like 21% less isk.
Now does it offset the volume to move ? not sure. but remember that out of jita you can have a structure, that gives +17% isk/h because of -15% time.

it caps out at 100. That’s only possible if everybody builds stuff in the same system for 28 consecutive days.

right now the top ten in k-space is

  • jita 10.65
  • newcaldari 9.36
  • perimeter 9.03
  • kylmabe 7.03
  • itamo 6.62
  • o3-4 6.6
  • amarr 6.45
  • 1dq1 6.31
  • pek 6.27
  • kamio 6.18

You then have ±20 other system >=5

However considering ME/TE, it’s perimeter-ashab-newcaldari-1dq-o-v. Because Jita and Amarr are unanchorable.

All good points but i’m asking about the industry index level in the sov tab, the one that currently has 5 levels and degrades over time when folks don’t mine.

Look at the index for reactions…

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