How I feel about EVE right now

I think to much nerfing and market manipulation by CCP is slowly killing the game. It nearly did with the blackout. Don’t get me wrong I’m a wormholer but thats not for everyone. A lot people like to carebear and mine. It’s something they can combine when having a busy live which only few other games provide. If people enjoy playing the game in a certain way why destroy that? Its very easy to detect botting its kind of a non issue but currently it feels a lot of development time went to other projects while you already had a strong product.

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Too bad most people dont have the slightest idea about those times when there was still a BoB or ASCN and alike.

Playing the game is something people dont understand anymore - they nowadays actually believe ‘coalition’ is a real thing and not something being made up by the swarm to cover their asses and circumvent game mechanics because it allows for all kinds of underhand deals without traces ingame.

I sorely miss the times when leaders of alliances would piss on each other in character in the forums until someone finally drew a line and shot at on another.

All that had and has nothing to do with roleplay - people just understood better to actually ‘play’ and not just act like another automated NPC. So in parts CCP cant be blamed for simply catering to the simpler tastes of today’s players - they basically get what they deserve.

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You make a logical fallacy that is common among the “players today just suck” crowd. That being that if CCP catered to the players of the day, then ‘obviously’ back in 2006-2009 when the ‘good, hardcore’ players were around, they would have catered to those players and made the game more hardcore.

And in 2010-2013, when the game was still growing, they would have catered to the ‘growing’ audience and the game would have kept growing. But instead, the game peaked out in 2013 and the game has declined ever since. All those ‘good old’ players are still around, still gaming, they’re just not gaming in EVE.

In reality, the overall game has barely changed, although a few changes (Crimewatch 2, Fozzie sov, jump freighters etc.) have been quite significant, but in limited areas of the game. The real problem is what it has always been - EVE is poorly designed and does not encourage it’s own goals well. Once people played long enough and all the niches filled enough to expose the bad game play, things started going downhill. All those ‘leaders of alliances’ are still out there gaming, they just got bored trying to make EVE interesting.

The primary mistake CCP made was in catering to the players who were paying the most money. That’s how you ended up with JFs, blue donuts, capital swarms and endlessly ignoring or screwing up core elements of the game (like Faction Warfare).


quote=“Kezrai_Charzai, post:23, topic:211099”]
You make a logical fallacy that is common among the “players today just suck” crowd.

Not going to comment on everything but to correct your first assumption: i didnt make a judgement about players being worse or better - that is purely on you . I clearly called it ‘simpler’ due to the fact that reaching skill levels doesnt require patience or much planning anymore which are both virtues that therefor also got lost in strategies and other gameplay elements.

Just some ideas (its really not hard to come up with working stuff) to make the game less stagnant and get new players in:

  • Revert Cyno changes but lower the jumprange on capitals significantly (maximum about a third maybe less from what it is now), so that it takes more risk to move freighters for example (more jumps) but also all other stuff in general . Reducing umbrella coverage / size of umbrella response, Which would actually be a change that hits large factions much more then small factions (gonna make a seperate post for this)

  • Only one timer for low powered structures (instant kill).

  • Revamp Fozzy sov (entosis and capturing a system should take no more then an hour making large block vurnerable for many small coordinated attacks, they have the people to defend it).

  • Make highsec PVE only (PVP, will move to lowsec, nullsec, wormholes, just less grieving new players and if stuff gets over farmed prices will drop anyway).

  • Remove security status loss from lowsec (did bit pvp there, what a chore is that lol)

  • Revert interceptor change so they are nullified again. Was great content and had a good counter (smartbomb gang on a gate)

Sure sounds like a judgement to me.

Just pointing out that virtually all the players who ever ‘understood playing EVE’ are still out there, still gaming, they just stopped playing EVE. That’s not ‘the players’ fault - that’s poor game design.

It’s entirely possible that once you really ‘understand’ EVE and stop kidding yourself about what you wish EVE was like, that you stop playing. Because overall it’s far too much time and effort for too little gaming satisfaction.

The people left in EVE today are precisely the ones who don’t understand EVE (and therefore see good potential in it), and/or are victims of sunk cost fallacy, or have gaming issues that they can only satisfy in EVE (PKers, for instance), or that increasingly small crowd who’ve managed to find ways around the flaws in the game and find playstyles that entertain them consistently.

Just to be clear: I think EVE is a good game, with a lot of potential, that is fun to play for about your first 2 years or so. After which the poor game design starts to become more and more obvious as you try different things. CCP had well over a decade with the resources to fix these flaws, but they’ve never managed it because they never actually hired a talented game designer and they’ve lost most of the stronger talents they ever had.


You need rookie targets?

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Are you seriously suggesting that there are only ‘rookies’ in hisec ?

No I’m suggesting a change thats better for player retention but from your reaction probably bad for your ganking opportunities.

1 Cyno changes I hated what it got changed to but yeah I don’t intend to use capitals going forward so anything to lesson the power of capitals is good in my book. Though I do admit I would hate this if I was still flying the damn things.

  1. I think differing timers and stuff based on the type of space, as hisec is casual I would suggest timers that suit a casual client base, while nullsec and WH being hard core is easey peasey in terms of timers and smashing them.

  2. You still have to accommodate TZ’s, though if we assume nullsec is hard core eve then why not have it open to any TZ

  3. No, there is decent PvP to be had in hisec. It is easy to escape the farmers, there are things that could be improved but it is actually not bad now.

  4. I would agree with that, security status should only matter in hisec and I think the penalties can be ramped up a bit in hisec.

  5. You still have one of each racial type that is nullified.

I would really like to give structures repping ability, please please please CCP do this.


A vurnerability timer in which you have to defend it. The defender sets it.

You think only rookies play in high sec? Are you that stupid?

It isn’t.

Exactly my point. That statement means that one “can be fired but doesn’t have to”. t20 could have been fired on the spot but wasn’t. He wasn’t the first nor the last dev/GM who crossed the line. For all I know nobody was fired on first offense. DB admins who are willing to spend their days at the top of the world are hard to find. Nice ppl, “difficult” country. I can understand very well why CCP sticks with folk who get drunk and login a chars they should not. But that was not your question. You asked for my feeling not my understanding. And i don’t feel like joining CCP Games if they would offer me a job. Because I don’t believe that managment is able to make tough decisions. There where so many mistakes made and very few are getting corrected. And if there is some backpaddeling it’s always a compromise.

I don’t like compromises, I like solutions. And if CCP wants to regain my trust you all need to stop compromising and start providing solutions. Even if that means that chaos will reign.

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I’ve never ‘ganked’ anyone, I just think your implication that only rookies live in hisec is incredibly stupid.

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Priorities and what they indicate…

You see, @CCP_Convict , you should have posted it here in your company’s “official” forums first and then just posted a link to the “official” EvE forum devpost or at least something like; ‘see EvE forum’ on reddit. Post on the existing reddit thread, ‘I can’t answer all the DMs I have received on this post and also post it on our “official” forums. To that end, if I have not responded to your DM yet, please communicate your message to me via the official EvE forums.’

Only if you folks are going to be trying to fix decimating your own game’s forums, of course.


Well if Jesus went to lowsec you won’t be damned for trying.

I just want to get in there just play some game with these people in the community. I just wanted to be able to sit there and just not be talking to a situation where people could throw me off or block me or all kinds of stupid stuff they do to me as a player. Just because they got an issue with themselves. it would be nice just to be able to go in these play in this and stop having to log on and see something and then look at it not doing with it. Especially when you’re in corporation if your cooperation will be fine don’t leave me like I don’t belong to you it just do whatever the hell you think you’re doing and I’m have bad standings and stuff. as long as I’ve been in there it’s been nothing but people going on Corporation and doing absolutely nothing. Or somebody who wants to take ships away from you because I think if they do that you won’t come and attack them like I don’t really know like I’m stupid. and you lost your ship ticket it was a good deal and you told me how much it cost to make the ship and they buy it from you and give you only 2,000 Plex. When it really is 60000 Plex but it costs you to make this ship. That’s just an example I mean I understand. But when you’re out there and doing something Aaron’s you can’t really be a part of the real Community. It’s not fair to those who are players and I’m not being a hater I just like to play and I liked it until we came to the point where you could not play.

You just broke my google translator.


Curse alliance $$$

So much fun flying around when it was tougher for “them” to know where you were. Now everyone know where you are and a super umbrella is ready to catch your fun.

Now that wasn’t always the case when supers(Moms) were more resilient and allowed the individual or small group to go mess in an alliance’s backyard. But they have been nerfed by “rock\paper\scissor” thinking and can’t be used like that anymore…to the detriment of the game. Yes, Virginia, solo-pwnmobiles had an important place in Eve as “beeeg scary things” that the alliances couldn’t control like they can now.

And then the goons arrived…not venturing to that chapter :smiley:

EDIT: dang, someone also mentioned ASCN. Now we are cookin’
Trivia Edit: I assumed partial responsibility for security of ASCN space during deployment of their first manufacturing outpost (Which was the first in the game)… who am I? Have that question on jeopardy :smiley: