How I used to make money sending newbies to their deaths

Old player here, and I just wanted to share an old scam of mine. I used it to make cash back in the early days when isk was harder to come by for a starting player. I’d set up buy orders for a starter ships in starting zones. I’ll use an Ibis, for example.

I’d get these ships, unpack them, and set up a fairly lucrative contract (isk/jump was high, but not too high). Take my unpacked Ibis 10-20 jumps or so. Give it like a 1-2 mill collateral, and send 'em to an extra dangerous lowsec/nullsec station. I typically had 5-10 of these contracts at any given point going, and I’m pretty sure I did at least a hundred of 'em. I only ever had one single Ibis that made it.

I call it my Newbie Education Program™.

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Will you be there waiting?

I like your style. Carry on.


I don’t get how this works … Any courier contract will have its contents in a plastic wrap, so people accepting will not make the trip in an Ibis …

Must’ve made a killing. I’m still trying.

Collateral was probably low, so people looking to make a profit off undercollateralized couriers were probably the targets.

Typical trash player who can’t PvP and has to kill new players to get kills. Hilarious. You should join CODE, they have about the same skill level.


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