Freind found. Lock subject

Hello all.

i am just a small town indy guy building some stuff.
i am looking for a freind that wanna help me sell the stuff i build.

u can be alpha or omega, u can be brand new to the game, we can figure something out.

i am not looking for a established trader with billions of isk.
but more a new guy that wanna enter into the trading profession.

Give me a shout if your interested, or send me a ingame mail.
I am EU TZ


Sounds like you’re looking for a new player to scam and trick into buying tons of stuff for super expensive prices.

I am not Even Going to Waste my breath. U just crawl back in your hole

I dont understand the train of logic here, though.

So, what, you would sell what you made to this new guy, who doesnt have a lot of isk? At, what, 10% below buy order value? And then have him sell it and make a profit?

I mean, first off, an established trader doesnt have billions of isk. He has hundreds of billions, even trillions of ISK.

Secondly, new players dont have a lot of isk, so youre asking people who have maybe like 5 million isk to buy something from you and make a 50,000 profit or something.

The only reason i would understand is if you were just trying to scam new players. Otherwise, if you want to help new players, just Give them isk instead.

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Case and point. Why would you do business with an alpha trader with no skills instead of marketing yourself?

ADMIN. Please lock this subject. I am not Going to Waste my time with These mentally unstable retards. That are only here to Seed doubt in other people post. Besides The point I found Some people to talk to and Help make isk.

Lock subject

Haha :clown_face:

Hahaha, right. So you found someone to scam. Good to know.

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